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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Salon, March 8

Spring in the Northwest

Weather: Beautiful, blue skies, warm.

Today: Don left for three weeks National Guard duty in Kentucky. After I delivered him to the airport  I had lunch with six friends to celebrate a birthday. It was fun to just be together with friends for a short time.

This coming week:  the Honor Society has a field trip to University of Washington. One full day out of school. Woot-woot. Supervising teens on the bus, boo!

"Dear Teen Me": I recently read a book called Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves. As I read the letters I kept thinking about things I'd like to tell my teen self to stop or start doing. So I decided to add a feature to the Sunday Salon called "Dear Teen Me" where I will give my teen self a bit of advice to make things better for the me of today.
Dear Teen Me- Boys. Let me tell you that you will have your heart broken a few times. Learn from your experiences and you will eventually meet a man who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. I'm married to him right now. Don't ever do things for or with boys that will diminish your own self-worth. And when the break-ups do come just love yourself. Don't worry, you will be OK.
40-bags-in-40-days update: 5 more bags of stuff gone. 
  • Rice, rice, and more rice---Carly started me on this project. When I came home from school one day she had the kitchen counter covered with bags of rice, pasta, and beans from the pantry. She was looking for barley and found at least ten partial bags of rice: jasmine, basmati, brown long grain, medium grain, and wild rice. It was ridiculous. We combined bags and now have a mission to eat rice often!
  • Lemoncello---last week we made a delicious lemon dessert that had a bit of lemoncello (lemon liquor) in it. We store the bottle in the freezer. Whoever put it away didn't cap the lid properly and it slowly leaked all over the freezer and its contents. This facilitated the need to throw away several bags of old, freezer-burned foodstuffs and rinse off the rest before replacing it in the cleaned freezer.
  • Bed side table and purses: I cleaned out my bedside table and went through old purses to find old treasures. I was horrified to learn that I am a pack rat. I found 50 pens and pencils, fifteen pairs of glasses and sunglasses, countless types of lotions for my poor feet in the bedside table. It felt like quite an accomplishment to take away three bags from that task.
Books read this week:
  • The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion---loved it. What a whimsical little story.
  • The History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage---why can't all history books be as fascinating?
  • Steve Jobs: Insanely Great by Jessie Hartland---a graphic biography. I really enjoyed it.
Currently reading:
  • Fairest: Levnana's Story by Marissa Meyer--- Book 4 (or 3.5) in the Lunar Chronicles.
  • Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment by Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD---highlights from a popular class at Harvard University.

50 Years Ago---Bloody Sunday, The March on Selma for Voting Rights.  If you have time I suggest you listen to this speech by President Obama about this important moment in American history. It takes 30 minutes, but worth the time!

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  1. So glad you loved Rosie Project. And how astonishing to find all that stuff in your purses. Of course I'd never do that! Haha

    1. I must grab pens from everywhere. No wonder my purse gets so heavy sometimes. But most of them I found in my bedside table. I can't imagine why I store so many there. And fifteen glasses. Most of them not even useful with my aging eyes, Ha!

  2. I enjoyed The Rosie Project...and love the idea of writing to Teen Me. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  3. An inspiring post, glad you had a productive week - hope your next one is also blessed

  4. Sounds like a fun and productive weekend for you! I get so much done when i am home alone. Loving your cleaning-out updates - my big win this weekend was putting a couple dozen books, audiobooks, movies, and music on half.com and putting some of the old stuff that hasn't sold or isn't worth enough to bother into a box for next week's library donation drop-off.

    I am dying to read The Rosie Project!

    Have a good week and enjoy your books -


    Book By Book

  5. Thanks Anne: will listen to the speech. Hope you are enjoying some spring temps in the Northwest.


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