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Monday, March 23, 2015

Bloggiesta Day 1 Update

Today's topic: PEOPLE

My goal is to make my blog more friendly and make it easier for people to comment.

I read through the recap of today's Twitter Chat on comments and blog friends and a few suggestions I will try. One idea was to use DISCUS for comments so that the person making a comment gets a notification when I reply to their comment. Brilliant plan only thing, I am a chicken when it comes to adding outside functionality to my blog involving me adding something to the html. Has anyone had any experience with adding discus to blogger? Any suggestion you have for me would be gratefully accepted.

The other thing I got out of the recap is that comments should be viewed as a type of conversation. If I am friendly and visit other sites and make thoughtful comments that blogger is likely to do the same. I am in the process of adding a blog roll to my blog of my favorite blog sites to visit which will encourage me to visit those sites more often. I also want to figure out how to make a HEADFULLOFBOOKS button that others can add to their blog, if they so choose making it easier to find their way back to me. No promises that will happen any time soon. I suspect I need my son-in-law's help on that one.


  1. I've added a few things now using html code on blogger. The first time was scary, but I usually google something like "what's the html code for adding twitter icon to my header on blogger" & several very helpful forums pop up.

    Adding the icons on my blog did take quite some time to get right - getting the sizing right, their position etc, but I just kept googing questions until someone was able to help me. The bonus was I managed to add icons that spin when you hover over them - they make me smile every time I use them :-)

    1. You are way braver than me. Part of my issue is that everything says BACK UP YOUR BLOG and I don't know how. What if I start messing with the html and can't go back? Eek!

    2. It's actually very easy once you know how. Click on the design option at the top right of your blog to open up your blog template page (the one where you have all the options to write new post, pages, comments, stats, layout etc).

      Over on the top right hand side is a tab that says 'backup/restore'.
      Click on this & select 'download full template'.
      Save (it will probably download automatically into you downloads folder unless you have your PC set up differently.) It's file name is template....followed by a stack of numbers and the date.

      Good luck :-)


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