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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

TTT: Authors I discovered in 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: New to me authors I discovered in 2020.

There are few authors I actually pay attention to and get excited when I see they have published a new book. So when I looked over the list of the books read in 2020 I wasn't surprised to see that nearly all of the authors were new to me. The ten listed here struck me as especially good writers or, as in two cases illustrators, and I look forward to reading more by them. My reviews of the books are hyperlinked.

1. Claudia Rankine (Citizen: An American Lyric)

2. Larry McMurtrey  (Lonesome Dove)

3. Jenny Offill (Weather)

4. Katie Roiphe (The Violet Hour)

5. Elizabeth Wetmore  (Valentine)

6. William Goldman (The Princess Bride)

7. Elizabeth Kolbert  (The Sixth Extinction)

8. John Rocco (How We Got to the Moon)

9. Charlie Mackesey (The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse)

10. Trevor Noah (Born a Crime)



  1. The Princess Bride was fantastic. Glad you liked it.

    My post.

    1. Can you believe it took me so many years to finally read it and what a treat it was.

  2. Oh my gosh... I haven't read any of these!! So glad you liked them though.

    My Top Ten

    1. I rarely read books because they are written by authors I know so I am always delighted when I find one I really like. I plan to read everything Caludia Rankine writes. Every word! She's that good.

  3. I've only read Trevor Noah on your list, but really liked his book. I've heard the audio book is excellent since he reads it (I probably read that on this blog).

  4. The Princess Bride is a favorite :) I hope you can stop by:



  5. I've read two of these (Born a Crime and The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse) and they were both excellent. I read an earlier book by Jenny Offill (Dept. of Speculation) and hope to read Weather later this year. Always a treat to discover new authors!

  6. I loved LONESOME DOVE when I read it a looonnnggg time ago. Maybe it's time for a re-read! Glad you enjoyed it and all these other books and authors.

    Happy TTT!

  7. Goldman's The Princess Bride is such a good book. I love that one! :)

  8. Weather is currently languishing on my TBR pile... with so much more! These are the fifteen authors who were new to me last year - quite a few outside my usual reading genre.

  9. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse is fabulous, I agree, and is on my list of favorite books I read in 2020. That is the only one on your list that I have read.

  10. The Boy, The Mole....I just read that one and I teared up. I'm off to get my own physical copy. Such a great book. Just Us was a powerful read and so different. She really pulls no punches, a great read. I read the Princess Bride way back when I was a teenager after I fell in love with the movie. I should reread it someday. Elizabeth Kolbert's Sixth Extinction...I read half about two years ago and got so sad, I haven't picked it up again. I need to make a goal of reading it this year. Born a Crime was excellent, especially as an audiobook. He's fantastic.


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