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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Salon, a new year in photos

Happy New Year!

This past week in photos 

We drove up to Paradise on Mt. Rainier on Monday. The day was beautiful and clear with no wind. We were overdressed for cold because of the radiant heat reflecting off the snow. On our way home we marveled at our luck living so close to such a majestic site.

The scene reminded me of a jigsaw puzzle photo where the mountain dominates the background and small groups of people enjoying nature are in the foreground. This photo isn't the best example but as I scanned the scene one family was posing for photos, another was skiing, another was having a snowball fight, a couple was snowshoeing. 

Don is standing approximately in front of the stairs to Mt. Rainier, now covered with snow. The stairs contain a statement from John Muir: "...the most luxuriant and the most extravagantly beautiful of all the alpine gardens I ever beheld in all my mountain-top wanderings." -John Muir, conservationist, 1889. See photo below taken during the summer.

Photo credit: RootsRated

We started off wearing masks but soon figured out we could stay more than six feet away from others so we could remove them.

Sunglasses were an absolute necessity. It was bright up there.

Notice the people behind Don are doing the same thing we are: taking photos. It was so gorgeous.

It had snowed the day before so the trees were still sporting white branches. The day after our trip up the mountain the clouds rolled in and it has rained every day. We've been at Paradise on rainy, cloudy days where the clouds obscure the mountain, even so close up.

While Don is surveying the scene, I am marveling at the sun's placement on the trees. It looks like a star on a Christmas tree to me, but prettier.

The New Year's Star!

The view from Mt. Rainier looking back over the valley below. As we walked back to our truck where we parked we could survey this loveliness. A thermos of eggnog coffee awaited us in the truck. We sat on the tailgate and enjoyed a warm cup of coffee and a half sandwich before driving back down the road.

Mt. Rainier National Park has four entrances. 1. Nisqually entrance (Southwest corner)-the road leads to Paradise Visitor center, where we were on Monday. 2. Steven Canyon Entrance (Southeast corner)- the road leads to the Grove of the Patriarchs (large trees); we hiked that trail in early summer. 3. Carbon River entrance (Northwest Corner) and an alternative road a ways south (165) that leads to scenic Mowich Lake; we attempted this trip in mid-summer but the road was closed six miles from the lake and we weren't planning on that long of a hike. The road outside the park is very poor quality and should not be attempted in a sedan. 4. White River Entrance (Northeast corner of the park) leads to Sunrise Visitor Center. We drove up to Sunrise in early July to view the comet Neowise late one evening. 2020 was the first time we visited sites off all four of the park entrances in one year.

Tuesday our daughter dropped off our grandson so she could get together with a friend (socially distanced visit.) Ian wanted to go to the park but his mommy forgot to leave his coat with us. We scrounged up a too-small sweatshirt, a too-big hat, and one mitten and one glove which fit him pretty well. He didn't care. We were going to the park, that's what he wanted to do. Plus it was fun wearing mismatched stuff.

When our daughter returned she dressed up our second grandson as a little elf and took this darling compilation of photos. Could this little guy be any cuter?

It's been so much fun having Carly and her kitties with us this holiday season. George is posing prettily by the tree and pouncing on a bow abandoned after gifts were opened. Fred and George are cuddling together on the couch.

A few of the books I've been working on this week.

Cybils Award finalists announced on 1/1/21. I am a round-2 judge for the nonfiction category. Here is a link to all the books I need to read before mid-February. (Cybils)

On the small screen this week

1. Death to 2020 (Hilarious!)

2. Bridgerton (We binged all 8 episodes in two days)

Politics? (I am holding my fingers in my ears and humming loudly so I can ignore all the shenanigans by Trump and his minions.) Let's just hope this all ends soon!

Other funny memes of the week...

Let's get it right this year!




  1. Happy New Year! Those photos are stunning and it looks like everyone had a great time. I am sure your grandson loved wearing "found" mismatched clothes to go out with the two of you.

  2. Beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing. I’m so thankful that we can see our grandkids. They keep me sane. My daughter is pretty organized, but with three kids, she doesn’t always succeed. she’s brought my grandson over without shoes before. That’s a challenge!

  3. What a beautiful trip to the mountain! Loved your photos!! Jamie is adorable; I love baby boys. :) I've gotten mixed reviews on Death to 2020.

  4. Happy 2021! Your photos are stunning... would love to visit Mt. Rainier one day. Planning to get started on Bridgerton later this week.

  5. What a wonderful trip. Snow makes everything beautiful. I'm glad you were able to simply social distance while you were there.


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