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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sunday Salon (on Tuesday): Pre-Inauguration of the 46th President, Joe Biden

"US flags at National Mall represent 200k non-attendees" for the Biden Inauguration. Reuters

My thoughts are everywhere today and can't seem to settle. I am so excited about tomorrow when our four-year nightmare with Trump will be over. Here are a few items I have found that will help get you and me ready for the big event.

1. I'll be watching, will you? (I'm assuming that it starts at 9 AM, PST, but it looks like a lot of stuff happens earlier, so set your alarm.) Tune in for the 59th Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Wednesday, January 20 right here at bideninaugural.org/watch or on any of our social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Here is the schedule for the whole day and for events leading up to the inauguration, which includes an evening ball tonight. (Biden Inauguration Schedule)

Or scroll through this list of inaugural happenings on this Twitter Page. There are lots of short videos to get your excited. (Biden Inauguration Twitter Page)

2. This collection of photos taken at the National Mall, if the link sends you to Twitter, go there. Then open each of the photos and soak them in. Remember how Trump bragged that more people attended his inauguration than Obama's inauguration? It was his first of 30,000 lies. Well, Biden will have the most flags!

3. One Day More! from Les Miserables. This is from the 25 anniversary special. Laugh. Cry. Swoon. We only have to wait one more day!

One Day More (Encore) from James Jack on Vimeo.

4. Today. Biden is hosting a COVID-19 Memorial to honor the memory of the over 300,000 people who have died of the virus. 2:30 PM, PST. Light a candle in your window.

5. A must-read letter to scientists from Joe Biden about science and the future of our nation. (Build Back Better) Won't it be wonderful to believe in science again? Here are the five questions:

  • What can we learn from the pandemic about what is possibleor what ought to be possibleto address the widest range of needs related to our public health?
  • How can breakthroughs in science and technology create powerful new solutions to address climate changepropelling market-driven change, jump-starting economic growth, improving health, and growing jobs, especially in communities that have been left behind? 
  • How can the United States ensure that it is the world leader in the technologies and industries of the future that will be critical to our economic prosperity and national security, especially in competition with China?
  • How can we guarantee that the fruits of science and technology are fully shared across America and among all Americans?
  • How can we ensure the long-term health of science and technology in our nation?

6.  This. Spotify. 46 songs selected for the inauguration playlist. (I hope this link works on Spotify or try this on Variety)

7. And this. Kids write letters to Kamala Harris. This will make you smile, I promise.

8. Trump is snubbing Biden by not attending his inauguration, breaking with a traditional transfer of power ritual. But Bush, Clinton, and Obama will be with Biden during the day and to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in the afternoon. Honestly, I am glad that Trump won't be around to spoil the day. (CNN)  One of my friends posted a photo of Melania Trump on Facebook saying she was the most classy first lady to ever be in the White House. Really? If she is so classy, why isn't she hosting a tea for Jill Biden like Michelle Obama did for her? And on a related subject here is a farewell to Trump from John Pavlovitz. He does not mince his words. Ouch! (Farewell, Mr. Trump)

9.  Biden plans to hit the ground running. Here is a summary of what he hopes to do in the first 100 days. (CBS)

10. Psaki, the incoming Press Secretary, says she will once again return to the daily press briefings grounded in reality and facts! (WaPo)

Well, this is probably enough to keep you busy for a while. Feel free to chat with me tomorrow here, on Facebooks, or via phone tomorrow during all the festivities.



  1. I rang a bell today at 2:30 to be part of the COVID memorial and I watched Biden's brief ceremony. I'll put candles in our window today at 5:30. Biden had more empathy and sympathy in his 2 minute speech about COVID than Trump did over the past year.

    1. Trump doesn't care, it seems, about anyone but himself. When I asked my husband what he thought to this question "Would Trump let one or more of children go to jail to avoid prison himself?" Don replied, of course he would.

  2. I just watched it Live from The Netherlands. So glad for America that this is happening <3


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