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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Review and quotes: HOW WE GOT TO THE MOON

: How We Got to the Moon: The People, Technology, and Daring Feats of Science Behind Humanity's Greatest Adventure by John Rocco

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Summary: "To understand how we got to the Moon and why we decided to go there, we must first travel back in time. this story begins in 1957, a dozen years after the end of WWII." So begins a book about the moon landing, one of the most ambitious, thrilling, and dangerous ventures in human history. It is a meticulously researched and illustrated book which tells the stories of thousands of people---engineers, mathematicians, seamstresses, welders, and factory workers---their innovations in technology which allowed NASA to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of sending men to the Moon before the end of 1960s decade.

Review: John Rocco is an author-illustrator who wanted to create with this project a book he would have loved to read as a kid. He accomplished his goal in spades---creating a beautiful and comprehensive book which not only kids but all people should want to read and savor.

I decided to read How We Got to the Moon because of my role as a Cybils judge for nonfiction books. It had such good reviews it dawned on me that it might end up on my reading list and I wanted to get a jump start. I am so glad I did. It was the perfect book for a reviewer (me) to read during a time of huge political and cultural upheaval. It is easily digested in small chunks with each double page explains one of the issues that the Apollo program had to address on its march toward the moon. For example, the illustrated page below discusses how the engineers solved the issue of parachutes to slow the entry of the re-entry capsule so that it wouldn't burn up. Or on the Friday56 page the reader is introduced to several of the people instrumental in some aspect of the mission's success.

Though marketed to younger readers, 5th-9th grade, I highly recommend it for all readers. Rocco breaks information down into digestible and understandable pieces and his illustrations are very helpful as well. It is the best book I've read about the Apollo program by far.

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  4. Space is huge in my part of the world. I picked this one up on your recommendation. And I agree; it's marvelous.

  5. Sounds like a cool read to me! Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

  6. This sounds like an excellent book. Let's see if it makes it to round 2 of CYBILS!

  7. What a great book! Love those illustrations. :)


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