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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Woman in White---update, the third

Classics Club Spin #9, third update on progress

Book: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Pages read: 370 of 609.

Weekly goal: I passed the halfway point. I managed to read 20 pages all but one day.

What I have learned so far:
  • This cover, featured on the right, is from the 1966 abridged edition of the book. This is the description on this edition: 
"What was the strange secret of the mysterious woman in white? What was the real identity of this ghostlike being? Was she sane - or mad? Was she living - or dead? And why did beautiful Laura Fairlie fear her presence in the dark corridors of Limmeridge House? The strange answers to these sinister questions haunt the thrilling pages of The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins' most brilliant Gothic novel!"
What pleases me:
Still enjoying the book and I am pleased with my progress.

The action (no spoilers):
No one is what they appear to be at first glance. Sinister situations and people abound. The narrator has switched several times this week from Miss Holcomb, to her uncle, and now the housekeeper.

Comments: the plot has me on pins and needles making me want to peek ahead to find out how everything turns out. No wonder fans stood in line to get the next installment of the story when it was originally serialized in a magazine.


  1. I've seen a mini-series for The Woman in White but have never read the book. I really enjoyed your break down for this and has made me want to dig it out of that ever growing tbr.

  2. When I finish the book I want to see if I can find the mini-series and watch it. The book, for a Classic, is surprisingly readable and so tense. The book is considered to be the first SENSATION novel---combining elements of the Gothic novel, horror fiction, and mysteries. I recommend it.


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