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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Snapshot Saturday---Africa, a look back

Between the years 1966 and 1969 my family lived in Liberia in western Africa. My parents were missionaries. My siblings and I went along for the ride but mainly just did kid stuff, like playing with friends and going to school.  The photos highlight a few of our experiences there.

Our family with other missionary families. I am second from the left. 

Our house was located a mere two blocks from the Presidential mansion in Monrovia.
My younger sister and I in our backyard with a view of the city beyond. The dog, Bruno, belonged to our neighbor , but moved in with us and lived with us for two years.

My older sister with another missionary friend and a chimp. I missed out on the whole experience with the chimp.
My mother, a nurse, is teaching a health class. She also held well-baby clinics
My brother, middle row-far right, was the most social of all my siblings. He had a group of friends from all over the world.
Me and my siblings. I'm holding the cat. I love this photo of us.

Liberian women would carry their babies on their backs and other wares of their heads.

Mom reading stories to neighborhood children and my sister.

A common sight, women pounding their rice to help separate the chaff from the grain

Playing dress-up with some artifacts

Me and my fifth grade teacher.

Our pet tree hyrax, Opie

Liberian girls prior to their coming-out ceremony.

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  1. Amazing pictures. That must have been such a wonderful experience for you and your family.
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

  2. What a fabulous childhood! And how that must have impacted your life. Thank you for sharing these, Anne.

    1. Yes. It really did impact all of us. In fact, we tend to refer to our lives in three segments: before, during, and after Africa.

  3. Great photos, and what interesting experiences you had. Thanks for sharing...and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. What a great sequence of photos. It would certainly have been an incredible experience for all of you. That photo of the four of you is wonderful, I can see how it would be a favourite.

    1. My sister commented that it was an wonderful experience that we didn't appreciate at the time.

  5. What interesting photos. I love the little hyrax. I can't help noticing the 1960s fabric designs and the African cottons. Both lovely in different ways. Must be slightly obsessed.

    1. I know, we loved that little pet. He didn't live into adulthood but we have seen photos of what tree hyrax look like later in life and they aren't so cute.

  6. Wow, now this is something I did NOT know about you!! What an interesting childhood you had!

    Have you ever read The House at Sugar Beach? It is a wonderful memoir about growing up in Liberia:


    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!


    1. Sue, I remember sitting in Starbucks one day several years ago and looking at the items they had for sale. The House at Sugar Beach was on the shelf. It was the only book for sale, as a matter of fact. I picked it up and just about fainted. The author was not only from Liberia and lived near to where we lived but was a Cooper and we met many Coopers while we lived there. I think everyone in my family, with the possible exception of my brother, read the book. We passed the book back and forth to one another.

  7. What an amazing experience to have! I love your pictures!


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