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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Salon, August 24

Weather: Gorgeous. What am I doing inside?

This week: the last week of summer, though I will likely  be back at school nearly or every day.

1500 textbooks, again: Last week my daughter and I "accepted" over 2000 new textbooks to our library system. It was such a relief to finish that task. I didn't go into to school for a few days and when I went back there was a new pile of books waiting for attention. It looks like the same number as we had before. *Sigh. Now I have another pile of over 1500 books to accept. This time I will be working with teachers running in and out of the library as they always do the week before school. *Double sigh.

Seattle: I drove up to Seattle with my daughter on Friday so that she could travel in the HOV lane. She is volunteering at the crisis call center. I read and blogged at Starbucks for two hours, then shifted to Barnes and Noble for another two hours. I have no trouble "hanging out" for four hours. Afterwards we did do a little shopping at Nordstrom Rack and found a few bargains. In fact, Carly is wearing the new dress she found right now and I'm wearing my new earrings.

Classic Club Spin book, Update #1: I am reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez for this event. I had thought I would blog once a week on my progress with the book. After starting it and finding the book a bit confusing I changed my mind. I will just report my progress here. Currently on audio disc four, page 113 of 448. My goal per week is 60 pages so I am a few pages off.

Books read this week:

  • Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn---a surprising ending keeps the reader on toes. I'm still digesting it.
  • Power of ICU by Danny Hill---related to school management. It has some powerful suggestions to change the way things are done.
Currently reading:

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude---as I already mentioned. I am listening to the audiobook.
  • Going Over by Beth Kephart---about the Berlin Wall.
  • In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson---Germany 1933-38. Another audiobook. I'm on disc 6 of 11.
Blessings: in church today the sermon was about how we need to bless those we have contact with every day. So today, blog friends, I send out a blessing to each of you. May your life be fulfilling and may you find ways to be a blessing to others, too!

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  1. 100 Years of Solitude is one of those books I always feel like I SHOULD read but worry it will be too slow. I'm interested to hear what you think as you read more.

    Your trip to Seattle sounds nice.

    Enjoy your books this week!


    Book By Book


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