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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our 2014 Mock Printz reading list

Every summer the Bethel School District high school librarians attempt to read as many potential Printz award books (YA books published in 2014.) Here is the list of books we are working on this summer. The third column contains shorthand of the publications that have given these books starred reviews. (See the legend at the bottom of the page.) √ Check marks indicate books I've committed to read.

TitleAuthorStarred Reviews; starred out of all reviewsComments
Grasshopper Jungle Smith, AndrewSLJ, PW, KR; 3 of 6
A Matter of Souls PatrickKR; 1 of 3Vignettes, Racism
We Were Liars LockhardtBL, KR, PW, SLJ; 4 of 4
Guy in Real LifeBrezenoffKR; 1 of 3
She is Not InvisibleSedgwickBL, KR, PW; 3 of 3Thriller
The Story of Owen JohnstonBL, KR, PW; 3 of 5Fantasy
The Impossible Knife of Memory AndersonBL, BCCB, NYT, PW, SLJ; 5 of 7PTSD
A Time to DanceVenkatramanBL, SLJ; 2 of 3Multicultural
Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy HattemerBL, KR; 2 of 3
Complicit KuehnBL, PW, SLJ; 3 of 3Kuehn won Morris Award in 2014
Going Over KephartBL, SLJ; 2 of 2Berlin wall
Half BadGreen, SallyBL, PW; 2 of 3Paranormal
Never Ending BedfordBL, KR; 2 of 4Grief/death
The Sound of Letting Go KehoePW; 1 of 4Autism; verse
ShackletonBertozziKR; 1 of 1Graphic biography
Red Madness JarrowKR; SLJ; 2 of 5Nonfiction 5-8
Noggin WhaleyBL, PW; 2 of 4Science fiction
Free to FallMillerPW, SLJ; 2 of 3Romance, futuristic 
Always Emily MaccollSLJ; 1 of 4About Bronte sisters; grades 6-10
Changers: Book One: DrewCooper/CooperPW; 1 of 3
Infinite SkyFloodBL; 1 of 3
Girls Like UsGilesBL, PW; 2 of 3
Say What You WillMcGovernBL, PW; 2 of 4
Marina Ruiz ZafonSLJ, PW; 2 of 5Historical/Horror a cult classic in Spain
The Vanishing SeasonAnderson, JodiPW, SLJ; 2 of 4Suspense/horror
Gandhi: My Life is My Message QuinnBL, KR; 2 of 5Graphic biography
IllusiveLloyd-JonesBL; 1 0f 2
SilverWoodingBL; 1 of 2Horror-Sci/Fi
I'll Give You the SunNelson(Read the reviews)LGBT; due out in September
100 Sideways MilesSmith, AndrewBL, 1 of 2Due out September
Why We Took the Car HerndorfVOYA, NYT, KR, PW; 4 of 6Translated from German
The Gospel of Winter KielyBL, PW, KR; 3 of 4Sexual Abuse in the church
AfterworldsWesterfeldBL; 1 of 4Novel within a novel; due out in September
Starbird Murphy and World OutsideFinneyfrockPW, BL; 2 of 6Set in WA state; funny

Legend Key: BL=Booklist; PW=Publisher's Weekly; SLJ=School Library Journal; KR=Kirkus Reviews; NYT=New York Times; BCCB=Bulletin of the Center for Children Books; VOYA=Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine

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  1. Wow, I've only read one of these so far - We Were Liars (on audio). It sounds like such a fun program you do!


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