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Wednesday, July 30, 2014



(Hosted  by Bookishly Boisterous)

1. We are heading out for a week-long vacation/family reunion. There should be some good sun-n-book time. Here are the books I am taking along:

  • One Summer: 1927 by Bill Bryson...audiobook for the car ride there and back
  • The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg...an upcoming book club selection
  • The Gospel of Winter by Brendan Kiely...YA novel
  • A Matter of Souls by Denise Patrick...a short story collection
  • The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy by Kate Hattemer...another YA novel

2. I don't honestly think I will finish five books in one week, but what if I did? I don't want to have nothing to read.

3. I've been rather obsessed with the book Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith this past week. It is a fabulous book that is so raunchy I am afraid it will be challenged or banned.  Here is my review, in case you are curious. As a school librarian I worry about that kind of thing.  I keep thinking about the scene in the movie The Music Man where the women's auxiliary is going after Marion the Librarian for pushing smutty books. Ha.

4. I challenged myself to read 30 books this summer (until Labor Day). I am currently reading book #15. Eek. Can I read 15 books in one month? The challenge is on.

5. I have never requested an ARC but I really, really want to read the new A.S. KING book that is coming out in October, Glory O'Brien's History of the Future. Does anyone know how to go about getting an Advanced Reader Copy of a book without getting on some list where I get boxes of books I don't want to read and review. I just want this book early.

6. To see the movie If I Stay or not, that is the question. Have you read this sweet, tear-jerker book? If not, read it quick before seeing the movie. I still haven't decided if I feel like going to movie where I know I will cry during the whole thing. Sigh.

Have a very good week.


  1. It's been so long since I read If I Stay that I don't remember it. But I'd like to see the movie some day. I don't really make time for movies anymore, unfortunately!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I saw the preview of If I Stay last weekend...and even though I haven't read the book, I want to see the movie. Should I read the book?

    Enjoy your vacation...I loved The All Girls Filling Station...and here's MY BOOKISH/NOT SO BOOKISH POST

    1. Yes, Read If I Stay for sure. It is a very sweet and thoughtful YA novel.

  3. I read If I Stay and I don't usually read YA, but it was a good story. I have 1927 on my kindle to read when I am in the mood for it, and would like to read The All Girls Filling Station. I have only read the Fried Green Tomatoes book by this author, but heard good things about your book. Enjoy your vacation.

    1. Every Fannie Flagg book I've read I have enjoyed. She is such a positive author, often very funny, too.

  4. I had to smile at your statement " . . . getting an Advanced Reader Copy of a book without getting on some list where I get boxes of books I don't want to read and review . . . " That is not a problem you will ever get in South Africa! I wish that is a problem I had! Good luck finding your copy!

  5. I'm listening to Bryson's One Summer now (well, not "now this moment" but "this month.") It's fun - I think you'll enjoy it. Have a great time on your vacation!

    If you sign up for Edelweiss, you can request a digital review copy of Glory O'Brien's History of the Future. You won't get any unsolicited books you don't want (well, I don't think so, though since I'm not a librarian I can't swear to it.) If you tell them you are both a librarian and a book blogger, it might increase your chances of getting approved. Usually, you can download a digital copy in ePub format or have a Kindle-friendly version emailed to your Kindle, if you are approved. You do have to keep checking back to see if you got approved. Good luck!


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