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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

(Hosted at Bookishly Boisterous)

Apparently this meme encourages bloggers to talk about bookish things that are happening in our lives this week.  Here goes. Let's see...

1. I placed eleven books on hold at the public library today. They are already causing me anxiety and pressure.  How will I actually read them all if they arrive at once? What was I thinking?

2. I am currently reading my thirteenth book of the summer toward my goal of 30 books. I've written reviews for all but one of them. I've started to notice that I get very few or no comments on my reviews but I get comments when I participate in memes. I wonder why my reviews are NOT comment-worthy?

3. My favorite way of consuming books is in the audio format but I've noticed a disturbing thing...most YA books published this year that I want to read do not have audiobooks or my library hasn't purchased them yet. I contemplated purchasing a few of them myself which I usually don't do but I am getting desperate.

4. I am reading a strange looking book right now. The text block of the book Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith is yellow, bright yellow. Weird.

5. I am currently obsessed with the Bronte sisters. I finished Always Emily yesterday and instantly started looking up information about the Bronte family. I've never really read much about them before.

6. Speaking of obsessed, I also can't get enough of the new Weird Al music videos from his new album, Mandatory Fun. My favorite is Word Crimes. Check it out. 

7. I've decided it is time for me to attempt homemade Naan. My sister-in-law makes it and it is so yummy. I found this recipe and it doesn't sound too hard.


  1. 2. I find I only comment on reviews if I feel strongly for or against a book and the reviewer also did - I rarely comment a "It was good" review. You're not alone, my blog has the same kind of traffic.

    7. If your SIL makes good naan, steal her recipe!

  2. I have that experience, too, although there has been a slight pick up in my review comments lately...mostly from people who visit my Weekly Updates. I have been linking to my reviews when I do that post.

    I want to start reading library books again, but I must stop requesting so many review books!


  3. I've wanted to try making Naan too. It seems simple.

    I've started only allowing myself two books at a time from the library/netgalley etc. When I]m done, then I can get two more.

    I think we're all reviewing a lot of the same stuff now so we have less to say?? I've also heard from people that they don't want to just say - "good review" so they don't say anything. And maybe memes just lend themselves to discussion.

    1. Perhaps we are all so busy reading and writing our stuff that we don't feel like taking the time to look at other blogs or to make comments on their posts. I try to at least say hi when I drop by a blog just to let them know I was there. I am rewarded, occasionally when a "real" friend tells me that they are reading a book i recommended on my blog. Then i know that someone is reading it. Ha!

  4. I have the same issue with my reviews. I get more comments on meme posts than reviews. Part of it I think is people don't want to be spoiled before reading? I have friends who wait until after they've read a book to read my review. Other times I think if it's a book that doesn't interest me, I don't comment. Too many books already grabbing my attention and getting added to my never ending TBR list. :)

    But it gives the warm fuzzies when someone likes my review and it makes them want to read the book. Even more so when I find out they enjoyed it. Then I know what I'm doing is worth it.

    Possibly 11 books at once would give me anxiety for sure. I'm struggling with multiple books now - I just can't keep up!

    I love NAAN!! Our cafe at work serves it a few times a month and it's my favorite.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I'm definitely with you on #2 as well, it can be quite frustrating. But what is a book blog with reviews? #1 sounds similar to how I feel about requesting books from NetGalley. I get so request happy sometimes, but then prey that I don't get approved for them all because I'll never have time to read them!

    I've heard good (and crazy) things about Grasshopper Jungle! It's on my wishlist.

  6. Oh, it's been a long old day! Insert *without* in there and pretend I wrote 'Pray' pretty please. Jeeze. FACEPALM

  7. I comment on your reviews! Trouble is, I have so little time for blog visiting lately that I'm sure I miss most of them :(

    As for audios, I get all of mine from the publishers as a reviewer. Since you DO write reviews, you are eligible for this, too.

    I am downloading the new Weird Al album for our upcoming road trip next week - my sons are HUGE fans!

    My husband and I made homemade Naan many years ago - back when we had time for fun, creative things like that! It was pretty easy and very delicious. Have fun!


    Book By Book

    1. I hope you know that I wasn't accusing anyone of being a bad blog friend. I know that you leave comments and you leave good, thoughtful comments, too. I appreciate it when you visit because I know I will learn something, like how to get audio books from publishers. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, most of the YA books we are reading for our Mock Printz preview don't even have audiobooks for them. Sigh.


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