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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Weekly Blogging Challenge, 3/29/23

Today's blogging challenge: Best Nonfiction Books I've Read

This is an impossible task for me. I read a lot of nonfiction and I am fascinated by a variety of topics. Instead I have identified 15 17 nonfiction titles I have enjoyed a lot and either have or would like to reread.

I recommend them all without hesitation!


And unpictured --
(Click on titles for my reviews if hyperlinked)
My nonfiction reading tastes are very eclectic, as you can see from the list above. I like books about --
  • Sports: Boys in the Boat; Seabiscuit; All Thirteen.
  • Memoirs: Teacher Man; I Am, I Am, I Am; West With the Night; Lab Girl.
  • Science: A Dog in the Cave; Lab Girl; Around the World in 80 Trees; A Short History of Nearly Everything.
  • Written in verse: Brown Girl Dreaming
  • Graphic/illustrated: Faithful Spy; Brazen; Around the World in 80 Trees.
  • Essays: The Anthropocene Reviewed
  • About Social issues: Just Mercy; Brown Girl Dreaming
  • By favorite authors: John Green; Frank McCourt; Atul Gawande; Bill Bryson
  • About medical issues: Being Mortal; I Am, I Am, I Am
  • Adventure/Exciting: All Thirteen; Boys in the Boat; Seabiscuit; West With the Night
  • Feminists: Brazen; Lab Girl
  • Historical: West With the Night; Boys in the Boat; Seabiscuit; Brazen; A Dog in the Cave
  • Humor: Bill Bryson
  • YA: Faithful Spy; The Dog in the Cave; All Thirteen; Brazen; Brown Girl Dreaming; Just Mercy has a YA version.
  • The Beatles: Dreaming the Beatles
  • Where I learn something that has impacted my life: all of them!



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