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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Celebrate this week---September 26

 weekend! Picture Quote #1
From Picture Quote
Today I celebrate weekends.

You know how you can tell the difference between young and old teachers? Old teachers are tired on Friday. Young teachers are tired on Mondays!

I am old.

By Friday I was so tired I just about fell on the couch when I got home and fell asleep for two hours. When my family got home I refused to wake up! When they finally started making moaning noises because they were so hungry I decided to finally get up.  Pathetic!

So today I celebrate weekends and...
  • a chance to sleep in
  • a hot breakfast
  • football games
  • time to read for extended periods of time
  • the energy to bake a birthday cake from scratch
  • making plans to go to the state fair on its last day
  • worship and fellowship opportunities
  • visiting with family and friends
What are you doing this week-end?

Discover. Play. Build.


  1. What am I if I am tired on both Fridays and Mondays? :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend...full of pointlessness! The best kind.

  2. This morning I indulged in nearly an hour of uninterrupted reading. Bliss. Then I had lunch with my family followed by a hike in a local park. It's the best kind of weekend.

  3. I wondered if you would be going to the fair! Next year, for sure, I'm making time for the fair. I baked today too! And hopefully, later today, some time to read!

    1. We live in Puyallup, just up from the fair. We've been once already for the Weird Al show but didn't look around much. School district students and staff get free tickets for admittance. So why not, even if for a few hours?

  4. Love that first quote, possibly can apply to every job? I'm glad you got your weekend filled with the tiny moments worth celebrating.

  5. So true! Does it mean I'm REALLY old if I'm tired on Fridays and Mondays? I had a coffee this morning, did yard work and will be heading to a family dinner for my Dad's 87th birthday Wednesday. I'm also trying to get ready for my trip to Senegal, also Wednesday. :)

    1. You leave Wednesday for Senegal or Thursday? I am so excited for you.

    2. I leave Wednesday (early) and get to Dakar Thursday. (very early) Hoping I make my tight connection in Dulles!

  6. Homemade cake from scratch. Sounds divine.

  7. Oh boy, I know where you're coming from. Our town is having a hot air balloon event this weekend. Taking off a block from my house. It's been really beautiful. And celebrating my twin grand nieces' first birthdays! Have an enjoyable day!

  8. Oh, I love that quote and I am going to definitely add it to my self reminders that it is ok to chill and recharge. Not just ok but necessary. Hope you get lots of recharging time.


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