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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Salon, September 9th

Best Political Moment of the Week: #PlaidShirtGuy. PhotoCredit:We Hunted the Mammoth
Weather: Beautiful. Temperatures in the mid-70s. We understand that we've had our last 80 degree plus day of the year. We'll see.

Best Show of the Week: Paul McCartney with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Best Social Event of the Week: 40th anniversary/60th birthday celebrations for Kathy and Tom H. in Hillsboro, Oregon yesterday. Congratulations and thanks for including us!

Best Grandson Moment of the Week: Ian squealed loudly in the middle of church today when he saw his Grandpa up in front singing with the choir. There was no doubt who he was delighted to recognize.

Best Puppy Moment of the Week: Lots. Playing outside even a few episodes of fetch (sort of), practicing SIT and COME.

Worst Moment of the Week: Involved Mr. Bingley (our puppy), Luna (daughter's dog), Ian (grandson), and dog poo. Use your imagination and then multiply it by ten. Ugh.

Best Book Finished this Week: Okay. Only book finished this week, but is it a very good one: Boots on the Ground: America's War In Vietnam by Elizabeth Partridge.

Books Currently Reading:

  • Educated: a Memoir by Tara Westover. Daughter of a survivalist, her first day in school was at age 17. Very alarming and disturbing. But Westover is an excellent writer. 28%, audio.
  • Friendly Jane Austen by Natalie Tyler. I am having so much fun with this book and taking my time with it, too. 78%, print.
  • Suite Francaise by Irene Nimerofsky. Set during WWII, two of the scheduled five novellas. Not completed because the author was killed during the Holocaust. 93%, audio.

Worrisome quote: Bob Woodward On Donald Trump: ‘People Better Wake Up To What’s Going On.’

Oh dear! We are all in trouble.


  1. Oh, puppies and babies... so many options for messiness! And thank you for posting that video; that was wonderful!

  2. I'm glad other people have had positive experiences with http://usabookreviewers.com/ , too. To tack on two cents: I've had a really great experience with them so far-- I've had over 60 reviews and 90 ratings. Not sure on my stats yet, but I'm so, so glad I decided to do this!

  3. I've been craving a puppy lately (miss Henry's dogs), but your experiences are dissuading me. :)


  4. I actually have no idea, but I've been told that romances and young adult do well in https://dogearedreview.com/ Maybe someone here has more intel about that as well as suggestions.

  5. I’m off to save Friendly Jane and Educated. I think I want to read both.

  6. ha ha ha Had to laugh at both Ian's squeal in church and the "bad moment of the week"! lol

    I am just hoping our 95+ degree days are finally over - I've barely been able to tolerate going outside for the past month. We are being deluged right now - had to cancel yet another camping trip but are hoping to go later this week.

    I have heard such amazing things about Educated this year - sound very powerful.


    Book By Book

  7. I love that "plaid shirt guy." I downloaded the Bob Woodward book this week. We do need to "wake up."

    Enjoy your new week.


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