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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I want to read what I want.

"I want to read what I want." Ever feel like this? I do!

Every day, as a public high school librarian, I feel like I need to read as many YA books as possible so that I can make recommendations to my students. Great books languish on the shelves if I can't talk kids into reading them, and I have a hard time talking them up if I haven't read them. So, even though I do make decisions of what to read within this category, I often feel like I "have" to read books that I'd really rather not read.

In addition, I am in two book clubs. Every month that means I "have" to read two books that may or may not ones I would have selected otherwise. This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy most of them. As soon as someone says I have to read book, a part of me turns all teenager inside and I drag my feet about reading it. It must be some psychological phenomenon---as soon as the words "have to" are spoken, I feel the opposite. Ha!

With these feelings of wanting to read what I want to read swirling around in my head I dropped by the public library to pick up a book I placed on hold for book club next month. As I walked in
I stopped off to browse the rack of new books. I ended up walking out with four books I had no idea I wanted to read until just that moment:

  • I Could Chew on This: and Other Poems by Dogs by Francesco Marciuliano
  • How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig
  • Fantastic Mistakes: Neil Gaiman's 'Make Great Art' Speech
  • The Maid' Version by Daniel Woodrell (this is the book I went for)

Now, to be honest, I probably won't read all three of these extra books, but it felt like an act of defiance just checking them out.  My-my, so pathetic, huh?

Am I the only person who experiences these feelings of wanting to read what I want to read and then feeling defiant when I do select them?


  1. I can TOTALLY relate. I find that varying the genres I read helps a lot. I can only take so many fantasies....And, I throw in the occasional adult book, but usually it's appropriate for teens. I use audiobooks to "read" those adult books that are on my "someday" list. And, I look forward to retirement (not too far away for me) so that I can read what I want. I still think it will be MOSTLY YA, but I'm sure I'll expand my adult reading.

    1. I was just adding on my fingers and toes how many years until I can retire, too. I'm not sure I will continue to read YA afterwards, well certainly not as much. Sometimes when I do read an adult book (my twice a month books for book clubs) I find myself being impatient with the length of plot development. Too much YA has made me impatient.

  2. I so understand this dilemma. I was in two book groups until last fall when I quit both (I had been in one of them for 22 years and the other for 5!). I just couldn't stand the feeling of having to read certain books every month any more. I do miss the women in my groups but I am loving only reading books that I want to read!

    1. I love the gals in both of my clubs so much, I can't give them up! I try to listen to audiobooks for my BC selections. It makes them feel like less work.

  3. The Maid's Version is our BC book for February! So you killed two birds with one stone there. :)

    1. I know, that is why I went to the library in the first place, to pick it up. When I make my requests at the library they often come in early.


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