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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday Salon ... Busy week.

Don and his grandsons at the property.

Gorgeous. Today the skies are blue and the weather is average in temperature for this time of year. The meteorologist said today was going to be the best yet and he is right so far.

This week: Don was in South Dakota for his very last business meeting; He was honored at a retirement event on Thursday; Rita and her family attended Dozer Days with the grandsons at the local fairgrounds.

Dozer Days


Buffalo, NY: Love in the face of all the hate.

  • Leaders join community in a peace vigil. "We cannot let hate win. And I think that we ought to know that Buffalo rose to the occasion. There's been no violence, there's been no riots. Buffalo stood up with love to answer hate. Buffalo stood up with dignity to answer an atrocity" (Al Sharptin).
  • The family of a man who survived the shooting in Buffalo is collecting books about racism, black history, and diversity to distribute to the community. (WKBW News) Check out the list of the books here. (I am sure that the family would accept donations from people outside the community, if you want to donate.)
  • Donations top 1 million for families of victims and survivors. The donations came from all 50 states and 17 countries. (WKBW News) You can donate here.
  • Buffalo Bills and NFL Association are donating $400,000 for families of victims and survivors of the shooting spree. (WKBW News.) 


About the impending abortion ban, watch this ( I need to remember this when I am talking to folks about a woman's right to choose for her own health.) (Click on the photo of the chicken, it will take you to TikTok, then click to watch the video.)


  • Currently reading
    • The Cure for Sorrow: A Book of Blessings for Times of Grief by Jan Richardson. Powerful and helpful on so many levels. Print. 30%
    • The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See. Set in Korea starting in the 1930s, this is the story of one woman's life. She is a Haenyo, a Korean female diver. The book is historical and very heartbreaking. This is a book club selection. I know it will generate a great discussion. Audio. 70%
    • The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne. Recommended by several bloggers I started reading this basically blind. The main character is gay in Ireland when it was not okay to be gay. It also has some very heartbreaking parts. Other bits are funny. But I find I cannot make myself read this as fast as I should to really enjoy it. Sigh. Print. 55%.
    • Discussions on Race: essays by a variety of authors. Thought-provoking. Print. 79%.
  • Book Club

Required cat photos:

George is supervising in the kitchen

Fred and George on the hunt for a spider


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