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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Let's discuss: TBR lists!

This month I have set myself a little goal to read exclusively off my TBR (To-Be-Read) list, without cheating and adding any new ones along the way. My hope is I can actually make a small dent in my  metaphysical list, which I keep track of on Goodreads. 

So, let's talk about reading lists.

Where do you keep track of what you want to read? 

I have a 'to-read' list on Goodreads which has about 210 titles currently residing there. I recently culled the list down but then added a few new books, which meant I really didn't cull it down at all. I also have a Classics Club list of around 30 books which I want to read but I never seem to get to.  In addition, I have book shelves full of books I technically want to read yet I haven't added them to my Goodreads list because, I actually don't know why.

How often do you cull down your list or do you?

A blogging friend recently told me that she has over 1000 books on her TBR list. Mine could probably be as long but I often go through and delete titles usually because I can't remember why I added it onto the list in the first place. I even been known to add the title onto the list more than once (different editions) so the culling process helps me locate and delete dups. I've also asked myself the questions "Do you still want to read this book? Why or why not?" If the answer to the first question is no or I don't know, I delete it. Often books go onto the TBR because someone on a book blog suggested it then it comes off because someone on a book blog hated it. Ha! Fickle me.

Who/What influences you to add books to your TBR?

There are a few authors whose works I will immediately add to my reading list without even reading the reviews first, but not many. And I am usually the last to know when a new book gets published since I do not make any attempt whatsoever to read ARCs (advanced reader copies.) I'm in two book clubs so titles of upcoming books are added as we make new selections. And at the end of each year I tend to scour people's 'best of the year' lists and will usually do a bit of research before adding titles, but these are usually the books I try to read soon in the new year if I can. Otherwise, I read book reviews when I see them and add books that sound like me or those that have piqued my interest.

How influential is your TBR in your decision of what to read next? 

I'd say my TBR is more likely to assist me in placing holds at the library than anything else. I rarely look at it when I am making a decision what to read next, though I often consult it to remind myself that I should make my selections from it. Even saying this makes me wonder if keeping a TBR is futile. I want to read the next shiny book to cross my path or the one which jumps into my hands as I walk across the library. Reading for me is pretty haphazard.

Join in the discussion about reading lists by making your comments below. Help me figure this thing out!



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