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Monday, May 9, 2022

TTT: Characters in Real Life

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Characters in Real Life

I had a lot of trouble with the topic this week so I decided to consult the Internet and while there I found a bunch of fun book character lists. I decided to share them instead of creating something myself. Click on a few. I think you'll enjoy them.

1. How Famous Characters Would Look In Real Life Based on Their Character Descriptions in the Books -- Reader's Digest, Oct. 2021

2. Ten Fictional Characters Inspired by Real People -- Quirk, April 2014. 

3. Ten Fictional Characters Inspired by Real People (A few dups with list above, but not many) -- Barnes and Noble, April 2016 

4.  Seven Literary Characters We'd All Like to Meet -- All Women's Talk, date unknown

5. Nine Fictional Characters Inspired by Historical Figures -- History of Yesterday -- Dec. 2020

6. Thirteen People Who Look Exactly Like Fictional Characters -- Art, Date Unknown 

7. 98 People Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters (Okay, true confession: I only looked at the first ten, but they were good and funny) -- Bored Panda, 2017 

8. Ten Actors Who Look Nothing Like Their Book Characters --  MsMojo/YouTube, May 2018

9. Fifteen Regular People Who Look Like Harry Potter Characters -- The Things, April 2018 

10. Artist Show What Harry Potter Characters Were Supposed to Look Like -- LAD Bible, April 2022


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