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Monday, April 19, 2021

Classics Club SPIN

It is that time for another Classics Club SPIN.

1. Make a list of twenty books I want to read that are on my Classics List.  

2. Wait for the SPIN (which happened yesterday, but I haven't checked yet)

3. Read the book that corresponds with the SPIN number.

My list: (Note how many "Something by" books I have. I am leaving room so that I can make a selection based on availability of books at library and my interest of the day.)

Twenty Classics for Spin April 2021

1.      Something by Saul Bellow

2.      Something by Faulkner

3.      Something by Anne Bronte

4.      Something by Charles Dickens

5.      Something by George Elliot

6.      Something by Willa Cather

7.      Something by Virginia Woolf

8.      Jamaica Inn by DuMaurier

9.      Something by Elizabeth Gaskill

10.   The Talented Mr. Ripley by Highsmith

11.   Something by Kafka

12.   The Bridge Over San Luis Rey by Wilder

13.   Frankenstein by Shelley

14.   Dracula by Stoker

15.    Something by Rushdie

16.   The Picture of Dorian Grey by Wilde

17.   Something by Wodehouse

18.   The Optimist’s Daughter by Welty

19.   Something on my Pulitzer Prize list I have read (over 25 years past)

20.   The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

And the SPIN number is?

Looks like I will be reading something by Kafka.

Based on library availability and accessibility I've selected:

I'm actually pretty glad about this selection. We went to Prague a few years back and I was disappointed in myself that I had never read anything by this famous Czech writer. Also, I like reading short stories during the summer. They fit well with my travel plans.



  1. I've never read Kafka, but I would love to visit Prague. I enjoyed #14 and #16.

  2. I adore Wodehouse, he always brings me a smile, and I would put my favorite novelist, Anthony Trollope, on that list. Elizabeth Gaskill is another favorite. Enjoy your Kafka.


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