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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution

High school librarians: Get out your order forms. Add this book, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, to your next order. Then think about which of your Social Studies teachers you can talk into reading the book and sharing with his/her classes. This book will be a treasure trove for Civics and Government classes.

Social Studies teachers: demand that your school library get a copy, or more than one, of Bernie Sander's new book. The chapters are organized by topics: the economy, health care, education, the environment, social justice, and immigration. It could be useful tool to assist you as you teach these concepts to your classes. It is written at a very accessible level so that high school students could easily understand the concepts. It utilizes charts and lists that are fun and enlightening.

Public librarians: make sure you put Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution in prominent places around your library so that readers of all ages see it and can grab it easily.

Teens: You are the hope for our world. Bernie Sanders's campaign was proof that your generation wants a change and knows that change has to happen if there will be a world worth fighting for in the future. Demand that your favorite library purchases this book or, better yet, purchase your own copy so that you can mark it up and reread chapters as you need to remind yourself about the concepts he espouses. In addition, at the end of each chapter, Bernie has outlined actions you can take right now. He has listed organizations you might want to look into or actions you can take to make a difference. So, for example, if your "thing" is environmentalism that chapter gives specific actions you can take to make a difference. It is organized in a very cool way to be helpful for you!

Parents: Is it time to start talking to your children about what is happening right now in the USA around politics, the environment, health care, economics? This would be a great tool for you. Buy it and read the book together. I bet you will have some great discussions together.

Adults: Even though this book is being marketed to teens it is very accessible for adults, too. Have you ever listened to discussions about tax cuts and wondered what the big deal is about. This book will answer that question for you. Have you ever thought that raising the minimum wage wasn't a big deal? Read that chapter and see if you have a new understanding. How about health care? Are you completely clear on all the details. I recommend you read this book, too.

Bernie Sanders: Thanks for all you do and for writing this book.  Just one question. Did you do the illustrations, too? I like them. (Oh wait, I see that Jude Buffum did them!)


  1. Now I want to read this book; I love the way you did the review! Did you read this for the CYBILS? If so, I will wait until January and see if I get a copy to review. :-)

    1. Yes. I read it as a nominated book for the Cybils. But I should tell you that we are all having to get our own books from the public library, if possible. They are only supplying those which we can't get ourselves.

  2. I just listened to this on audiobook - I loved the way it's presented even though I missed the illustrations. Definitely a must read for anyone interested in politics!


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