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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sunday Salon, two days late. Photo heavy.

This past week we did a lot of activities which involved taking photos. I hope you enjoy my past week in pictures!
We can't see a thing as we smile for the camera because the eclipse glasses only allow us to see the sun, nothing else.

Weather: Hot.

Solar eclipse: We didn't travel to the zone of totality but we did select a beautiful viewing location---Sunrise Visitor Center on Mt. Rainier at 6400 ft.
View of Mt. Rainier right at sunrise from Sunrise Visitor Center

Viewing the eclipse with my funky glasses in a gorgeous setting.
Northwest Trek: Our daughter is returning to New York today so we spent the last week cramming in doing things she wanted to do while here. We headed out to a favorite location---NW Trek, an animal reserve not far from our house. The animals are all found in the wild in our state and the majority of them are given free range to wander around. That means we often don't see them all but this time we did. We saw American bison, Roosevelt elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, caribou, black tail deer, and moose in the free range area. We saw all the other animals in their enclosures.
Bald Eagle. It is at NW Trek because it was injured and couldn't survive in the wild any longer

River otters. They played with each other non-stop as we watched

Mountain goat
Female bighorn sheep in very dry free range area

There are six moose in the park now, we saw three of them

Bighorn sheep on duty

An American icon, an American bison. The males are very active right now as it is mating season.

The Chihuly Museum at the Seattle Center: Gorgeous. We got up early to be the first people to enter the museum to enjoy the glass art and artifacts collected by Dale Chihuly, a local artist. Can you believe how gorgeous the displays are?

Mille fiori

Glass in boats

The museum is located at the feet of the Space Needle allowing us to take this cool shot

Don capturing the best shot

The majority of the glass is inside, but there is also a whole garden of flowers and glass. Stunning.

Chihuly has collected Pendleton blankets in Native American designs

He designed glass in the style of Native baskets. They were my favorites.
You cannot believe how wonderful this museum is until you go see it for yourself.

Playing around with a sketch program on my phone:
technology is so fun. I created these graphic designs out of photos I had on my phone.
Colored pencil of Don and I at Whistler earlier this summer

The girls at Rita's baby shower a few weeks ago. The baby is due in a few weeks. We are on the countdown.

Rita and I mugging for the camera sometime last year.
60 for my 60th: Three more events in the past few weeks have added to my list of visits with friends which I am adding to my list of 60 visits for my 60th year. Thanks for the coffee date, Terri; for the the fun conversation and appetizers at Mama Stortini's restaurant with Nancy and Emily; and dinner at our house Gary and Mary.

Books: With all this gallivanting around the area is it any wonder I didn't get much read this past week?  I did finish one book, Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson and I'm still working on one audiobook, Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink. It is the story about a nightmare situation at a hospital in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. I just read something yesterday about a similar situation in Houston from Hurricane Harvey. (36%)

Book Club: Book club was at my house on Wednesday. I am not sure about the exact date, but I think we have been meeting for over ten years. Pretty remarkable in this day of impermanence. Here is a link to my post about the book, Our Souls at Night.

Hope you have a lovely last few days of summer.


  1. Love all the photos! Thank you to Carly for helping me with my rear window windshield wiper and bon voyage to her as she heads back to school. It's going to be exciting to meet your grandson. :) I bet you don't miss PD at school or the thought of dealing with all those tablets. I'm a bit at a loss as everyone else heads back to RHS, but I'm hoping to adjust.

    1. Carly says, you are welcome. She leaves in a few hours and then I will be back to being lonely during the day. When do we get together next?

  2. I have not read anything for about 2 weeks! It may be the start of school or just a mini-slump, but I picked up 4 YA novels from a school library so I hope that will get me going! I love the glass exhibit; what stunning and happy pieces.


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