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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Salon, June 7th

Fiddling around with the camera yesterday, I got this great close-up of lobelia in our hanging planter.
Weather: Beautiful and warm (hot)--- 80 °F; 27°C

Summer is near: yesterday I spent the better part of the day on our back porch just reveling in the glorious weather, admiring the flowers, and trying to capture a photo of a hummingbird at our feeder.

This is the only shot I got of a hummingbird. Can you see it's tail feathers?
Here is the shot Don captured (much better.) I believe this is a female Anna's Hummingbird.
Animals: our pets were nearby most of the day, too.

Muffy. Photo by Carly Bennett
Demi enjoying the sun. Photo by Carly Bennett
Ichiro. Waiting by the back door. Photo by Don Bennett.
Reading vs textbooks: This time of year my job consists mainly of textbook returns, consequently I am usually too tired to read when I get home, therefore I am still working on the same books I was reading last week. A few years I wrote this haiku about this time of year. It is true again this year:

End of day drive home.
Listen to audiobook.
Only literary fix.

Hot date: Don and I had a hot date on Friday night...back up to school to box up textbooks we are surplussing this year. Woot. Woot. One should never say that we aren't romantic.

Sweet Peas, one of my favorite flowers.
Strawberries and sweet peas: We went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and came home with an armload of vegetables, strawberries, and a bunch of sweet peas (flowers.) Later in the day, after things cooled off a bit, Don and I made two batches of strawberry freezer jam.

Puyallup Valley strawberries. They are delicious and sweet, but very fragile.

Youth Sunday: Today was Youth Sunday at our church where all the Sunday School Groups and Youth Group participants had a role in the service.  My favorite was when the preschoolers belted out Jesus Loves Me. He does!

Legalism: today was also the last day of the adult class I taught on the topic of God's Grace. Today we discussed legalism. Our discussion was very insightful. If you want to gain some insights as to what Jesus thought about legalism, read Matthew 23. Wow. Those are some harsh words to the Pharisees...people wanting to keep rules instead of being open to God's grace.

Time to head outside for some fun in the sun! What are you doing today?

Flowering sage. Photo by me.


  1. Legalism kills spirituality, I think.

    Lovely photos. Especially love the strawberries.

    1. The topic of the whole series was God's Grace, that undeserved free gift of love and redemption. When we make rules and try to follow them AND make others follow them it is as if we are saying we are good enough to earn our way into heaven. It was a spirited and thoughtful discussion. But the irony was we became judgmental of judgmental people. Ha!

  2. Legalism is a fantastic topic!! I'll have to suggest our Sunday School class tackle it. They way we all yak, I bet we could get a couple good classes out of it :)

    I've go no excuse and I'm still on the book I was reading last week too!

    Lovely pictures!! Enjoy meeting the fur-family.

    That romantic guy of yours just may be a keeper ;)


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