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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This cracks me up...

Today I visited Amazon.com looking for an audio CD of Bless Me, Ultima. Look what I found. It is available but at a not-affordable price.  I think it is funny that someone thinks that they will sell it for this amount. Take a look.

Update: Here is another funny thing. I was looking through my school library catalog and noticed we have the audio CD set for Bless Me, Ultima. I'm sure I was the one who purchased it, too!  Silly me. Why was I looking to buy an audiobook when I can just check it out from my own library?


  1. I wonder if the price is a mistake? On the other hand, my husband who often visits Ebay has reported seeing new items for FAR higher than we can locally purchase them. Some people do try to scam or are very ignorant. Still, this price seems outrageously high. I wonder how long it will stay listed?

  2. Why do people even try to sell stuff for such outrageous amounts? If I have a spare $457 I'm not getting a few CDs with it when I can buy the book for $12 :-)


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