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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Through the Woods ... I'm still scared

"It came from the woods. Most strange things do."

Into the Woods is a collection of five short stories in a graphic novel format by Emily Carroll. The illustrations and the dialogue combine for spine-chilling, often terrifying spin-offs of the Red Riding Hood story. The moral is always the same, watch out the the woods because no good thing happens there.

While on Goodreads I was struck by the reviews from other readers. All reviewers comment on the perfection of the illustrations and the outright creepy nature of the stories.
This book scared the shit out of me. Not just a fun, spine-tingling chill, but an I-must-now-sleep-with-the-light-on kind of scared. These would be great to read to older kids for Halloween, but you'd have to show the pictures! They are as frightening as the stories. My rating: 10/10. A perfect blend of words and pictures. This is true talent. ---Katy, at Goodreads
Oh. My. Goodness. Holymolyholymolyholymolyholymoley. This is the most hauntingly beautiful book I have ever read! ...The writing and dialogue both have a way of whispering something right into your ear, giving chills and everlasting goosebumps. I don't think I will ever be able to explain in words how absolutely brilliant and freaking creepy and unique this graphic novel is. ---Staley, at Goodreads
SO GOOD. SO CREEPY.  Short enough to read in one sitting, but good enough to re-read many times over. Carroll excels at letting your mind fill in the worst of the scares, although her artwork is absolutely stunning and perfectly suited to these stories ---Stewart, at Goodreads 
I read the book in one sitting while at work, or rather, I read the book in one day in between a lot of interruptions while at work. Because I wasn't in bed while I read it the thought of nightmares didn't enter my head.  After reading all these reviews, I am glad the impersonal nature of the work setting helped buffer the fear-factor for me.

Take a look at Emily Carroll's webpage for samples of her artwork and an introduction to her personality.

I guarantee this book will be popular in my library. And, if you can cope with scary stories, with you!


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  1. Why do we like to read stuff that scares us so badly?! I would definitely have to read this one in broad daylight, far from bedtime!


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