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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Salon...October 13

Weather: a crisp, sunny day. Yesterday we had sun, followed by rain, followed by sun...

This past week: we had to pack up the whole bottom level of our house in preparation for the hardwood floor work that we need after the disastrous leaking dishwasher. Right now we are sitting among boxes filled with our books, food, dishes, and trinkets. The kitchen counters are full of things that we need to pack at the last minute, like the dog biscuits, cold cereal, and phone charger. It is a mess.

This coming week: we will have to take one cat to the boarder, take the dog to the neighbors, and deliver our "headcase" kitty to my daughter and son-in-law's house for care while we stay in a hotel for a few nights. Thursday I will head across the mountain for the yearly WLMA (Washington Library Media Association) conference in Yakima. Don will have to supervise the moving back in the house on Friday.

Prayers for: my library clerk. She just called to tell me that she was diagnosed with spinal meningitis after two weeks of thinking that she had just thrown her back out. She's been off work for three weeks and will likely be off for another two or three. Prayers for healing and for wisdom for her doctors.

Cool library moment: I rolled out the 2014 Mock Printz information this week, giving two different presentations during study support time. I had a record 51 students sign up to participate. I am so excited. There was so much energy in the library during the roll-out around reading and excitement about books in general. Several seniors who have been on the team for the past few years stopped by to comment on the palpable energy and their excitement about it.  Here is our Mock Printz reading list.

Only one book finished this week:
  • Far Far Away by Tom McNeal. It is a Mock Printz selection for this year.  It is a new favorite, a modern day fairy tale which included Jacob Grimm as the narrator. Loved it. Look for my review later today or tomorrow.
Currently reading:
  • Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler...I'm almost finished with this memoir about a boy raised in a very conservative Christian home.
  • The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout...a book club selection for this month, set in Maine. So far it is not a favorite, though I am less than half way so I will withhold judgement. 
Up next:
  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I am downloading the audiobook from my library right now as this sentence is being written. Another Mock Printz selection.
  • The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer...the sequel to the wonderful House of the Scorpion, published back in 2004.
Scripture this week: Exodus 20:2a "I am the Lord YOUR God..."

"I am so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers." 
                                                                               ---LM Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables.


  1. So cool that you're doing a Mock Printz -- love your list.

    Rapture Practice had a lot of buzz at the Missouri Library Association earlier this month. Especially the southern Missouri librarians who work with kids who see themselves in that book.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. I need to read up on the buzz about Rapture Practice. We selected it after my college-aged daughter read it and recommended it. It certainly speaks directly to a certain part of the population of any school. It does contain some mature themes.

  2. (I typed a whole comment and clicked Sign Out instead of Publish...duh) I do hope your library assistant heals quickly, that is scary stuff! And moving out of your house for a few days is no fun; we had to do that when we tented for termites. I am going to go check out your Mock Printz list right now... I can't wait to see what you included!

  3. What???? There's a sequel to House of the Scorpion? Eeek!!! I must get my hands on it. My son and I (and my husband. too) LOVED that book.

    Beautiful photo of the red leaves, Anne.


    Great Books for Kids and Teens

    Book By Book

  4. Fall is a beautiful time to look at trees. I love their multiple colors. Good photo!

    Sorry to hear about your flooded kitchen. I came home one time after work to a wet basement, thanks to a water heater which leaked. Fortunately, only my spare storage boxes were ruined. If I had come home much later, the disaster could have been worse.

    Enjoy the Mock Printz!


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