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Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Monday, January 2 and I'm reading...

I'm Reading:
The Death Cure by James Dashner...the third book in the Maze Runner trilogy. For some reason I can't seem to get any traction on this book.  I really, really like its two predecessors, so I must bear down and I'm sure I will find my rhythm.

I'm listening to:
The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan...a nonfiction book. I like the author and find his writing very accessible. I also enjoy listening to
Patrick Lawlor, the reader for this audiobook.

I recently finished:
Cloaked by Alex Flinn...a very cute, family-friendly, modern fairy tale. This one had me smiling, laughing, and hanging on the edge of my seat.

What's Up Next?
  • Fragile Beasts by Tauni O'Dell...this is one of my book club selections for this month.  I have heard wonderful things about this book and can't wait to get started.
  • The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler...My youngest daughter read this over the holiday break and she really liked it.  I think I will read it myself before I make it available to my students. (One of the perks of the job!)


  1. Yay! The Future of Us is so cute. Enjoy your books!

  2. I need to start The Maze Runner series! I've wondered about Cloaked I might have to try it now.

  3. I really enjoyed The Future of Us, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I have yet to read The Maze Runner series. Enjoy your books!

  4. I need to re-try The Scorch Trials, I could not get into it the first time. I really liked The Maze Runner. Fragile Beasts was a good read. Have a great reading week.

  5. Happy New Year, Anne!

    I keep meaning to get my son the Maze Runner trilogy - sounds like something he'd like.

    I read a couple of Tawni O'Dell novels for books groups a couple years back and enjoyed them.

    I keep hearing good things about The Future of Us.

    Enjoy your books this week -


  6. I've got Maze Runner on my list for 2012 and I just won a copy of The Future of Us.

  7. I enjoyed Cloaked too - and have The Future Of Us on deck for the weekend ;)

  8. Cloaked sounds good & The Future Of Us caught my eye. I like Jay Asher's writing. Have a great week & happy reading :)


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