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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Icemaggedon...Day Two of Weird Weather in the Northwest

Yesterday I reported on Snowmaggedon in the Northwest, weird weather that paralyzes our whole area. Well, today, day two, is worse.  I am calling it Icemaggedon. Freezing rain is falling on the snow causing sheets of ice on everything. The snow looks like it has a pretty sheen on it until you get close and realize that it is a layer of ice about a 1/4 inch thick. If you look closely at my photos you see ice on every little branch/twig of the trees. The tree in the first picture is bent over with the weight of the ice.  News reports today are of cars in ditches, accidents everywhere, and the SEA-TAC airport is closed. My whole family is staying home from work and school today. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the power stays on!

PS...Soon after I posted these pictures on Thursday we lost  power and didn't get it back until late on Friday. In the meantime the ice was wreaking havoc on our poor trees. We would step outside and you could just hear snaps and pops as tree branches were breaking under the weight of all the ice. All of our trees are damaged, hopefully all will survive though I'm not sure they will look good.


  1. Pretty trees at least!! Still got power and hoping to keep it.

  2. What a nightmare, but it is so beautiful, especially that first photograph


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