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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Salon 10-9-11

From the web:  Shaun Tan's website.  I am just crazy for this guy's work. 

I'm listening to: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making by Catherynne Valente.  I'd say the story is sort of a mash up of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, a very creative, yet odd tale. Ms. Valente is the reader of her own book, which really bothered be for the first few hours of listening. 

I'm reading: Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard.  Wow, the writing is incredible. 

Book reviewed this week: Ummm.  None.  Unless you count the gushing I did over Shaun Tan and his book, Lost and Found.  How did that happen?  I did finish two books this week so I need to write p those reviews. 

Funniest YouTube Video of the week: Silly, bleating goat I bet you can't listen to it without laughing. 

Scripture lesson in church: My church participated in Faith in Action this week-end.  Which means we all did organized service projects. Instead of going to church, we were the church.  I helped out at a clothing bank that gives clothing away to people living in poverty and then collected donations for people living in homelessness. No scripture lesson this week...we were living the scripture.

I'm praying for:  a mother and her two daughters who recently became homeless. My oldest daughter is in a position to help them and I am very pleased to see her heart of compassion coming forward.

Around the house:  My youngest is home from college for the week-end.  I love having her around and miss her when she's away at school.  She's playing the cello right now.  I miss that, too.

From the kitchen: I cooked up a big batch of vegetable beef and barley soup.  My husband just chowed down on another big bowl of it and commented on how the flavor improved every day since I made it.

Author events I went to last week:: 
  • Northwest Bookfest in Kirkland, Washington last Sunday.  We attended "Smart Chick Kick-it Tour" Several popular YA authors were part of two different panels: Kelley Armstrong, Melissa de la Cruz, Melissa Marr, Richelle Mead, Sara Zarr and others. I'm glad I went but the problem with these types of panels is that one doesn't really get to know much about each particular author, not become familiar with their writing styles, etc. The authors are touring together so there were quite a few inside jokes, etc. which I felt detracted from the event.  But I am eager to get more acquainted with the books of several of the authors that I wasn't familiar with before.
  • Sherman Alexie spoke at the Puyallup Public Library on Tuesday evening, just a few miles from my home.  He was so funny and made so many excellent points about the smallness of the world for some people are who think that a book should be banned rather than to discuss or debate the issues within. As a native American he said that he often feels like an immigrant in his own country which, of course, is ironic.  That makes him "an ironic, indigenous, immigrant." If you ever get a chance to go hear him speak, do it!
What's on the calendar this week:  The UO Duck Football Game next Saturday vs ASU Sun Devils at Autzen Stadium in Eugene.  Go Ducks!

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  1. As I said before, I am so jealous that you heard Alexie speak, it sounds like it was a great event


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