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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday Salon -- Parades, decorations, books, and a few funnies

Our daughter and her family and in-laws made of trip to Central Washington today where they ran into Santa -- notice Jamie isn't sure about Mr. Claus at first. Then they all went to the Sunnyside Lighted Implement Parade. I have to admit I'm a little jealous. The lighted harvester and the semi with train aboard look pretty cool to me.

Weather: Saturday was a miserable rainy day. It's the cold, wet kind that chills to the bones. Today it is sunny and cold. Don is out putting up holiday lights right now.

It snowed last night: How do I know since there was no evidence of it when we got up? We got a new security camera this week and the snowflakes were so big and fluffy, they activated the camera. From the angle of the camera it looked like a snowstorm. Ha!

Decorating for Christmas, with a one-year-old in mind. See photos. This year I have to keep my grandson in mind since I babysit him one day and he is in the everything-is-fair-game stage.  We didn't put out some of our decorations because we feared damage, other decorations are placed higher than usual, out of reach of his curious mind and chubby little fingers.

The top row decorations are within reach and fine for a one-year-old. The rest are tucked up high. The tree is decorated with Raggedy Ann's (because I'm Anne) and they are mostly soft little dolls.

Politics Girl on vaccines and who are 'real Americans.'
I enjoyed this a lot. (Click this link or watch video below.)

Pro-Trump counties have significantly higher COVID death rates.  This article published in NPR was updated just today and is fascinating because it just talks about statistics and they don't look good for republicans. I recommend that you read it. (NPR, Dec. 5th)


Just for fun:

Amen to that, especially since no one can settle on how to pronounce "omicron."


Honestly, I can't figure out if the mustache is real. Ha!

Ha!. Bet you'll look it up. I did. It isn't a Muppet, either.

I was watching a baking show yesterday and one of the contestants quickly repaired his gingerbread tree with icing, too.

This makes me laugh just thinking about the habits of dogs.

Packing paper is the best! Finally a new photo of George. This time he's playing hide and seek. Will his brother find him?

After a vigorous game of hide and seek, the brothers, Fred and George, stretch out for a nap. Fred, on the far right, is striking quite an hilarious pose. Like an otter.

Prayers for my mom and sister who both have terrible colds. Remember those? Colds are back!



  1. Christmas will little kids is such a joyous thing. The lights, Santa, gifts, wrapping, the anticipation... it's all so much fun.

    1. Weirdly I can't answer as myself. I am looking forward to watching Jamie experience the decorations for the first time. -Anne

  2. Christmas with young children is so much fun, but decorating modification are definitely a must! Love the photos.

    Nothing to See Here really took me by surprise a couple of years ago... never expected it to be so moving. It ended up being my favorite audio of the year.

    1. Yes, I enjoyed it as an audiobook myself. I did bump up the speed, though.

  3. With new puppy - Willow Blossom, we have opted for an outside tree this year. We have had some wild, stormy weather, but I'd rather bet on it improving than know for certain Willow will cause havoc!

  4. Niko is much more aware of Xmas this year; there was a holiday parade right in front of their place and he looked mesmerized. It's nuts how little those pro-Trump counties seem to care about illness and death. They don't believe it's happening! Arrghhh!

    1. They aren't getting their news from sources that are telling them the truth -- that they are dying for a ridiculous cause. They think they are sticking it to the libs.

  5. Love the truck and harvester all lit up!! And I know what you mean about the tree and ornaments, although it's our naughty 2yo cats who we have to keep stuff away from here ... Your cats though! Our Willa likes to sleep on her front but with her face turned to the floor, very odd.


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