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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Salon --- A Fall Photo Diary

The NW Trek Hoot and Howl event yesterday: A winning combo of wild animals, spooky decorations, fun games, candy, and family. We had so much fun with our grandsons. We are already planning on going back next year.

Weather: Overcast. Mild. Here Bingley is standing on a pile of leaves this morning from our purple mountain ash tree, which has dumped almost all of its leaves this week, as we predicted.

Brotherly love: Jamie was tired and needed a nap but his brother, Ian, kept him interested with his antics. I love fall photos. Don't you?

Oregon Ducks: We were back in Eugene, this time for a Friday night game. Our mascot dressed up like a combo Batman/Duck, calling himself 'Duckman.' We won the game, by the way, but it was a close call.

Treasures: My mother has been cleaning out cupboards and cabinets. Above are a few treasures she shared with me: A photo of my mom and her sister as children; a pen and ink drawing I did in college; a 1893 edition book titled, "The American Scholar Self-Reliance Compensation: Three Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson; another original pen and ink done by someone my dad knew; and a sheet of music written by a friend from high school days and his musical mentor, Chet Earle.

An October walk: Scarecrow tractor; rotten pears underneath tree; Anti-racism and Social Justice Small Library; coleus; 'Live Like the Mountain Is Out' is something we all understand living in the shadow of Mt Rainier; holly berries on a bush in the yard of a historic home, the Ryan House; Japanese windflowers; girl with basket; skeletons hanging out with witch.

Current reads: The Picture of Dorian Gray (80%, e-book); The Moment of Lift (75%, print); On Tyranny-Graphic Edition (5%, print); 84, Charing Cross Road (25%, print); Magpie Murders (52%, audio); The Authenticity Project (35%, audio).

Classic Club Spin # was 12: Which means I will read something by Robert Louis Stevenson. Which book should I select?

We were delighted to find Dug Days on Disney+ this week. Funny. Funny. Funny.

Gardening: We've been busy this week getting the garden ready for winter. I finished deadheading the hydrangeas, even drying three bunches. Don pulled up the tomato plants and did a bit of pruning. I have cut back most of the rose bushes but a few blooms are still hanging on.

Have a good week. Make soup. Put your garden to bed. Snuggle.



  1. I'm interested in what you think of your current reads. The grandsons are adorable and look like they're having lots of fun!

    1. Books: I am not a fan of The Picture of Dorian Gray; The Moment of Lift is a heavy book on the topic of making differences in the lives of women worldwide I tend to not want to read it because of how depressing it is at turns; On Tyranny is recommended and I am looking forward to really digging in; The Authenticity Project is much lighter than I anticipated; 84, Charing Cross Road is a series of letters, short and readable; Magpie Murders is a who-dunnit with a mystery within a mystery.

    2. I've read Dorian Gray and liked it but it was a long time ago. I loved "Magpie Murders."

    3. Don and I are listening to the Magpie Murders right now and it is very compelling. A murder mystery within a murder mystery. Wow.

    4. I've loved or at least liked everything I've read by Anthony Horowitz.

  2. I saw the graphic novel of On Tyranny at our local indie shop yesterday. I always figure a graphic version of a really good book is an excellent ideas as it may reach more readers. I hope that's true for this one.

    Love the photos of the boys; they must be so much fun for you!


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