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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

My Goodreads Project

Goodreads vs AnneReads!

Cue the eyerolls!

 I am starting another inane project. I'm calling it my Goodreads Project.

In 1997 I started keeping a book of annotated list of books I was reading in little blank book. I filled at least three of them over the years.

In 2009, around the time I started blogging, I found Goodreads (after a short stopover at Library Thing) and slowly stopped using the paper/print version of cataloging in preference to the ease of Goodreads.

Over the years I have honed my Goodreads account to be a very useful tool in not only keeping track of titles I've read, but also categories -- audiobooks, book club selections, reviewed books, nonfiction, etc. -- allowing me to do all kinds of 'sorts' when I am making lists.

Using my little books isn't as easy to use to help find titles/dates/my timely thoughts.


Today I am launching into my Goodreads Project where I will transcribe the titles/dates/thoughts on books I read between 1997 to 2009 into the Goodreads database.

 Just another chore that no one cares about but me. But here I go anyway... (This one should take me awhile.) 

Update: It took me two days but I finally updated my records for 2009! One year done. And what a fabulous year of reading. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane thinking about these books and remembering what was happening in my life during that year.

Update #2: I have now completed 2008. It is odd to think that I read some of these books over twelve years ago but they are still fresh in my mind. By 2008 I was almost reading YA exclusively unless for book club and my passions for classics. 

Update #3: I've almost completed entering reviews for books read in 2007. It was a stellar year for reading memorable books. I was still reading mostly adult fiction with obvious attempts to catch up on reading classics, books assigned to classes to read. I've also started adding links to my reviews to all my newer blogposts thinking if I ever want to find a review using a link on Goodreads would be way faster than trying to find it on blogger. I recognize that this project, like just about everything I do in the blogging world, is mainly for me so I should make it as user friendly for myself as possible.



  1. Good for you for transferring all the handwritten data to Goodreads. It will be time consuming, but fun to revisit what you've read and in the end it will feel so good!

  2. This will be a trip down memory lane! And wonderful to re-visit those book memories.

  3. Fortunately I had written my thoughts about books in a digital format, so it was a simple matter of copying and pasting my reviews to Goodreads.

    It will take time, but the rewards will be worth it.

  4. What a great project! Definitely will be worth the time you put into it! I wish I had done that before Goodreads!

  5. I only kept a list with title and author, until I started my blog, so that info is long gone. I started blogging in 2006, but didn't use Goodreads until about 2012, and haven't transferred much of the blog. It's a good project, and should refresh your memory. Hope it continues to go well!

  6. This sounds like a fun project actually!

  7. Yasssss that is the kind of project I looooove.


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