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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Salon---Thankfulness edition

Mt. Rainier, photo taken yesterday from Ruston Way Park, Commencement Bay, Tacoma.
Weather: Today was sunny but chilly. The temperatures dropped below freezing last night. One neighbor used the sunshine to put up his Christmas lights today. It seems early but if the rain comes in, as predicted, we will be jealous of him.

Thanksgiving: Today I am going to spend the rest of this post focusing on things/events/people I am thankful for. Today our local newspaper, The News Tribune, ran an article, "Why it's great to live in Western Washington" by Marianne Binetti, the gardening specialist. She counted seven gardening reasons it is great living where we do. This is what she said for No. 2: "We have slugs and snails but they're easier to deal with than scorpions and tarantulas." Ha-ha! From an avowed hater of slugs I'd never thought of them in comparison to poisonous critters. She has a point! Thank you, Marianne Binetti, I am grateful for your articles.

My list (and I want you to know I am not really ranking my choices, just listing things as they come to mind):
Mom and Dad at his 90th birthday party. 
No. 1--- I am grateful for my parents. My dad is 90 and his health isn't what it used to be, but he is still here and the spark of love and interest is still there when I sit for a conversation with him. He does goofy things though, but those moments may become fodder for family lore in years to come. For example, last week when we were in Eugene with the family, Mom asked Dad to sing a blessing over the meal. He launched into a rendition of Mighty Oregon, the University of Oregon fight song. Good one, Dad! My Mom, bless her heart, takes loving and tender care of Dad every day.
Hand-trucking it with Grandpa. Sometimes it is best to ride, sometimes it is important to help push.
No. 2--- I am so grateful for my grandson. Every single day that we are with him is pure joy. Last Sunday he helped his grandpa put the chairs away after fellowship hour at church. He had just started walking earlier that week, so walking AND manipulation of a hand-truck seemed very multi-talented to me. (See photo.)

No. 3--- I am grateful that the Democrats did so well during the midterm elections that the House of Representatives will now be under their control. We have needed some balance in our government. Hopefully they will supply it.
Bingley playing in the leaves a month ago.
No. 4--- I am grateful for Tracy, the dog trainer who is teaching Bingley's puppy class. So far he is doing excellent with SIT, TOUCH, DROP IT and improving on LEAVE IT, and WALK (without pulling) and needs serious help on COME and DOWN. Ha!

No. 5--- I am grateful that my sister is willing to host the Thanksgiving meal this year. We will drive down to Eugene on Wednesday, as will our daughter and her family, my brother, his wife and our daughter and her cousin will be coming up from California. Mom and Dad cannot travel far any longer, so they will only have to come across town.

No. 6--- I am grateful for love. Yesterday we helped some friends celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. When we asked them what was the secret to their long marriage, they said stick-to-it-ness. Sometimes love takes work. I am so grateful for the love of a good man, my daughters, and whole family and many friends.

No. 7--- My Bible study group. We are currently studying the fruit of the Spirit and we are all getting so much out of it and enjoy the time we spend together. Thanks, Bev, for leading us.
Purple Mountain Ash tree in our backyard earlier this fall.
No. 8--- Since I am thinking about plants after reading the article in the newspaper, I am grateful for so many of the special plants in our yard and neighborhood. This year the fall leaves were especially colorful and I just noticed several blooming bushes in the front of the church. Blooming in November. I will need to investigate a bit, since I have no idea what they are. But I do know hydrangeas...and even though they aren't blooming right now, I am grateful for the whole summer of blooming they provide.
Hydrangeas are the best flowering shrubs hands down!
No. 9--- I am grateful for this song, "Requiem" by Eliza Gilkyson. I am sending it out to all the firefighters and to the people in California who have lost loved ones or lost their homes to the many fires which are devastating the state. Gilkyson wrote it in response to the Indonesian tsunami which took so many lives in 2004. But if you think about it, the lyrics work for this disaster, too. Especially these lyrics:
Mary, fill the glass to overflowing
Illuminate the path where we are going
Have mercy on us all
In funeral fires burning
Each flame to your mystery returning

My heart is breaking. "O Mother Mary, come and carry us in your embrace that our sorrows may be faced." My prayers go out to all who are affected.

What are you thankful for this year?


  1. You have had so many blessings this year. I'm with you on feeling thankful for the midterms.

    1. I feel like I can breathe again. January cannot get here fast enough.

  2. Wonderful post. I need to write one soon. I love hydrangeas too!

    1. You have a wonderful yard for hydrangeas. Do you have any of the bushes?

  3. What a wonderful list; I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week with family and friends. I am headed to NYC to see my daughter so I am super excited!

    1. You should have a blast, but expect a lot of people. My sister and I went to NYC last Christmas season and had such a good time.

  4. What a lovely post, Anne! And all your photos here are gorgeous.

    Lots of be thankful for, and a good reminder for us all, especially at this time of year. I do a daily #GratefulToday tweet/Facebook post, and it is always a good reminder, especially on a rough day (there've been lots of those lately).

    Love to hear about all the joy your grandson and puppy bring to your life - puts a smile on my face!

    Enjoy the holiday with your family -


    Book By Book

  5. I like your list and have similar things on my list. After church yesterday 8 widows had lunch together and we talked about what we are thankful for. My first response was that my list would be very long beginning with flowers. I am most grateful for my sons and my little dog.


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