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Monday, April 4, 2016

TTT: Favorite Twitter and YouTube channels

Top Ten Tuesday: Here are a few of my favorite Twitter Accounts and YouTube channels. (Admittedly, I don't spend very much time on either of these technologies, but occassionally visit them.)


Recommended by other bloggers that I want to check out:
(I will be updating as I look at your Top Ten Tuesdays)


  1. I LOVE Love love the Hollens family. I've been following Peter's YouTube page since his acapella group, On The Rocks, was on the Sing Off. Great list!

  2. I loved Susan Cain's book Quiet, so I was incredibly surprised to realize I wasn't already following her! Thanks for reminding me!

  3. I'm not very familiar with any of these! I shall check them out.

  4. Whoohoo this is bringing so many new people to my attention! Great lists and I love that you're adding others you've found today, how cool!

  5. Love Nancy Pearl! Thanks for sharing your list of great book-ish people to follow! I really don't use Twitter enough.


  6. The Piano Guys are so awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. :)

  7. @brookdingYAhero is fantastic! Thanks for the other suggestion- I'm so happy to be finding so many new accounts to follow with these lists, many that I might not have found otherwise!

    My TTT: http://stylishbooknerd.com/2016/04/05/10-bookish-social-medias/

  8. What, how can I not follow Jane Austen? I need to follow that account now! I do follow @DailyPP (https://twitter.com/DailyPP) which tweets quotes from Pride and Prejudice which you might be interested in. Great post!

  9. I love that you shared some favorites AND the new ones. Thank you for linking back to Book Charmers!


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