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Monday, April 25, 2016

TTT: Bookworm Delights

Hosted by Broke and Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights that really make my day.

1. When students get excited about a book I place on hold just for them!
Occasionally I will place holds on books for particular readers in hopes they will like it or want to read it. It really toots my horn if they get all excited about it. This happened just today. A girl was so excited that I thought of her when I realized she hadn't read the 2nd book in the series in which she had read the first.

2. When people enjoy a book I recommended.
Similar to the first delight. I also like having a book in common with a friend

3. Discovering the title of the book within the text.
This just happened last week when I was reading the YA novel, The Memory of Light. The title was revealed in a poem...and you know how much I love poetry.

4. Sharing literary moments with my family members.
Example, my daughter and I attended an evening with Billy Collins, the poet, on Friday night. We will forever share the memory of that evening.

5. Book Clubs
I am in two clubs and love them both. I enjoy the discussions we have and the books we read that are often out of my comfort zone.

6. Perusing Indy Bookstores, including used bookstores.
I enjoy wandering around, reading the little recommendation cards, and noting the books on display. I almost always find some treasure.
7. Watching movies created from books after I've read them.
I especially like it when my husband leans over during the movie and whispers the question, "What happens next?" I like knowing the answer.

8. Discovering literary trinkets where I don't expect them.
A mug of famous first lines from books in a museum store; Jane Austen paper dolls in the paper/card shop; banned books earrings in a shop at the airport...

9. Literary trivia games.
I don't necessarily do that well on the games, but I sure enjoy the challenge.

10. Attending author events,
where the author not only talks about the research done for the book but reads aloud. (See also #4, because these events are best if family members are present, too.)


  1. Used bookstores are some of my favorite places! :)

  2. What a terrific list. I had two students nearly in tears today, they were so excited I'd bought the series they were telling me about last week. (A Tale Dark and Grimm)

  3. I also really like when a title is revealed within the book. It always raises a smile! Great list :-)

  4. Yes, I love telling a student that the new Elephant and Piggie book is finally in!


  5. Yes, I love it when I can find the title in the actual book! It always makes me stop and go: aaaaaah, that's why!

  6. These are some very powerful positives!

  7. There's always a hidden gem to be found in a used bookstore. I wish my city had more around, but I'd probably spend far too much time in them. Great list!

  8. I love book-to-movie adaptations. Most of the time any changes don't bother me overmuch. And that's a cute story about you and your husband. :)

  9. It is wonderful when someone enjoys a book that I recommend! It makes me feel more of a connection to that person. lol.

  10. Indie bookstores were on my list, too! They always have such a home-y and unique feel to them. Another bookworm delight is when you find a book you have DYING to read at the used bookstore for super cheap. I've only gone to two author events so far, but both were fun and worth the two-hour journey.

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!


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