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Monday, November 23, 2015

TTT: I am so thankful for these people for bookish reasons

My daughters are great literary fans. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Broke and Bookish.
Top Ten Tuesday: I am so thankful for these folks for bookish reasons....

1. My mother---my mom loves to talk about books and about her book club. Her favorite gifts are books. She is very good about returning borrowed books, too.

2. My sisters and sister-in-law---both of my sisters are elementary teachers and over the years have shared their love of kid-lit with me. Now we often read the same books and share audio books. My sister-in-law, who used to think of herself as a non-reader, now reads a lot and makes great book recommendations.

3. My daughters---both love books and audiobooks. They will even read books for me when I need help selecting reading lists or advice on which books I should buy for the library, and often go to literary events with me happily (or at least willingly.)

4. My husband---who will listen to audiobooks with me when we go on car trips and seems to enjoy discussing them, also. He also is a pal and will accompany me when I attend literary events. One favorite memory is when we attended a book talk by Frank McCourt together. When it was over everyone else just got up and left the room, Don and I went up and introduced ourselves to this favorite author and had a little chat with him. Don also read the Pierce County READS book each year and attends the finale event with me. We have formed lots of happy memories this way.

5. My SOTH Book Club members---this church book club has been operating for twenty years. We always have so much fun chatting before and after we talk about the book of the month. It's a large group, so please forgive me if I forget someone. Thank you Bev, Val, Gayle, Theo, Sandy, Louise, Betty, Cindy, Jane, Jane Ann, Ruth, Helen, Barb, Susan, Dorothy, Fran, Roxanne, Adele, and Jan. I have just one question to ask you gals--- Who is the Christ figure?

6. My RHS Book Club friends---this book club made up of gals who, at least at one time, worked at Rogers High School has been meeting for nearly ten years. I always look forward to the group to not only discuss a book, but the ways we have supported each other over the years has been amazing. Thank you Becky, Margaret, Carol, Diane, Tanya, Diane, Eileen, and Debbie, I may disagree with you guys most of the time on books I love verses books you love but I never disagree on what we all mean to each other.

7. The English teachers at my school who still support the library by bringing your kids in and finding ways to get literature into their hands: Stacey, Christine, Victoria, Jonathan, Amy, Dianna, Rhonda, JoLeigh, Deb, and Marilee. I know you all have a lot on your plates and a lot of responsibility as far as testing goes, so I really appreciate you taking the time to bring your kids in to the library to get books.

8. Other teachers who drop by the library to check out books with classes, or just for themselves, past and present.  Also those teachers who love to discuss good books with me: Seth, Jessica, Brian, Steve, Michael, Joannie, Robyn, Denise, Meghan, Stephanie, Kristin, Jamie, Lia, Tanya, Karl, Kim, Tim, Ryan, Sheri (R.I.P), Kelly, Tina, Rain, Scott, Kari, and Jani. You guys make the tough days doable. Thank you!

9. Other district librarians, especially the other secondary librarians. You guys KNOW what I go through every day and can truly SPEAK my language.  Thank you for your friendship and your support Sandy, Sandy, Jeanne, Wendy, Corina, Mary Ann, Diane, and Carrie (I miss you.) I am also grateful for the district support Michael, Suzie, and Laura.

10. My library clerk, Sharon! Thank you so much. I couldn't do my job without you! You are such a hard worker and so dedicated. I appreciate all you do!

11. My friend Rita who has always loved books and shared her love with me over many, many years.

12. All my book blogging friends.  Thanks for reading my blog and for your great book reviews which give me tons of ideas for what to read (or buy) next.

13. Judy Moomaugh (R.I.P.) Judy was the librarian at RHS when I was a classroom teacher and it was her encouragement which helped me make the decision to get my endorsement in Library Science and to move over to the library as a career move.

Thank you so much for all your bookish support everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I think it makes for fascinating discussions when we disagree on a book. And we all agreed that Frog Music was terrible! LOL

  2. I like your approach on this topic, Anne. :-) I did it a little differently, but still squeezed my husband and daughter in there in a round about way. I love that so many people in my family a readers too--even if not as obsessed as I can be.

  3. Fantastic list Anne! There are a lot of bookish people in my life that make me happy and thankful.

  4. This was such a cute idea! It was really cool to get to see how many bookish friends you have! Great list!

  5. This was a really cute idea! I love how you have so many bookish friends! :) Great list!

  6. What a great list and how lucky you are to have so many book loving people in your life!

  7. Awesome Thankful List!!! Book Clubs Are GreatHave a Happy Thanksgiving! Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

  8. I so agree on the 12th on your list. This blogging community is ah-ma-zing! Thanks so much for visiting Dreaming Under the Same Moon today. :)

  9. Aww, it is so nice of you to thank all the lovely bookish people in your life! What a fabulous choice for this week :)
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  10. I LOVE this!! I think we often take people in our lives for granted, and especially if they're bookish because sadly, there aren't enough bookish people out there anymore.


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