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Monday, May 25, 2015

Want to play Reading Bingo with me?

Shall we play BOTNS Book Bingo together?

Here's what you do:

Go to the BOTNS Website (Click the link.) You will get a unique Book Bingo Board. You can even highlight the squares for books you have read already.  It will look something like this:

Each time you click on the link it will create a different board so even if we happen to have read the same books we wouldn't get to highlight the same boxes.

Now, since we are all busy, let's give ourselves a head start. Go back and fill in boxes for books you have already read this calendar year (2015). Now the task doesn't seem quite so daunting, huh?

Go to the website, get your board, and let's play. First to get five in a row wins! That's it, you win. That will be your prize.

(The BOTNS website sets it up to be some kind of BINGO game that could be played and won in a very short session, but what kind of fun is that? It doesn't involve actually reading the books, which I might add, is the real fun and the prize really.)

So we read and play!

Join in by adding your name to my comment section.

Have fun.

I want to warn you. All I have left is a 800 page book and I win. No problem!

(BTW- I don't know what a booktopia author is. Can anyone help me out?)

1 comment:

  1. So far I have nine of my boxes filled in:
    1.Published in 2015: The Ghosts of Heaven by Sedgwick
    2.Set in Africa: White Raven and Black Dove by Wein (Ethiopia)
    3.Manga: Amulet by Kibuishi
    4.An Audiobook: The Unlikely Hero of Room 13-B by Toten
    5.A Translation: Neverending Story by Ende (German)
    6.Has a place name in the title: Here in Harlem-Poems in Many Voices by Myers
    7.Written by an author I've met: Fairest by Marissa Meyer
    8.Longer than 500 pages: A Woman in White by Collins (609)
    9.Science Fiction: The Martian by Weir


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