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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Salon, Sept. 8

Weather: As I sit here sipping my coffee looking outside on the backyard and  I notice that it is a bit foggy. Yesterday afternoon was lovely, so hopefully today will be a similar day. This week, however, the weather was weird. We had a storm move in from the Pacific bringing rain and thunderstorms. Usually thunder storms around here are the FLASH....BANG kind. This storm had the FLASHHHHHH.....RUMBLE....RUMBLE.....RUMBLE kind. It drove the dog absolutely crazy with fear. She couldn't find a place to hide from it. Next came the rain. 2 inches in 24-hours. Ugh.

This past week: School started so I am back to work. Currently my job consists mainly of checking out textbooks. My eldest daughter, who is substituting this year, is helping us out, which is a great bonus. Dividing the job into thirds makes everyone's job less taxing.

Today is the Sunday School Kick-off at church: We host a picnic afterwards so I hope that the weather holds. My youngest daughter and I made a dessert to share and I am worried that it didn't turn out.  Would it be weird to cut out a piece to check it out before we take it?

Tomorrow: We  will go to the Washington State Fair. A friend's band is playing excerpts from Les Miserables. She is so excited.

Books read this week:
  • Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama...set in three time periods in the Plymouth region of Massachusetts, the story includes mermaids, a murder mystery, and a romance. I enjoyed listening to this on audiobooks.
  • Kissing Shakespeare by Pamela Mingle...Miranda time travels back to the Elizabethan period to try to convince Shakespeare to write his plays and sonnets. It was a hard-starter for me but I eventually got into it.
Current audiobook:
  • The 5th Wave by Philip Yancey...an alien invasion. The first few waves have wiped out almost the whole population of the earth. The remainder are fighting against an unknown enemy. This book has got me hooked.

From the kitchen: a favorite---Crazy Corn Casserole, and a new recipe---Pumpkin Praline dessert.

I'm praying for: A friend's husband. He is experiencing some relief from his cancer symptoms with his new treatment. It is the first good news they have had for months.

Ha-ha: Don't you ever feel like this when people watch the movie and think they know everything from the book?

Have a good week!


  1. Oh, I want to read Monstrous Beauty. I think it's on my TBR list, but the blasted thing is so long now, I can't remember what's on it without searching! Glad things are going well for you at work.

  2. Sounds like you had another lovely weekend, Anne - you always do such fun things! I was just telling my husband that we need to make sure we do SOMETHING fun each weekend because otherwise, we are just busy catching up and working around the house.

    I have heard such good things about The 5th Wave - my son and I both want to read it.

    Hope you are enjoying your books this week!


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