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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Another Personal Challenge: The Women's Prize

Women's Prize for Fiction, a personal challenge: 
A. 2020 and forward -- read two of the finalists/winners for each year
B. 2010-2019 -- read one of the finalists/winners for each year.

The Women's Prize for Fiction (sometimes called The Orange Prize) is one of U.K.'s most prestigious literary awards. It is annually awarded to a female author of any nationality as long as their book was in English and it was published in the United Kingdom the previous year.

For the past four years, 2020-23, I've read seven Women's Prize winners/finalists. (The books circled in yellow.) For 2021 I need to read one more book. 

From 2010-14 I've read eight books (red stars). The yellow starred books are ones I've already committed to read this year.

For the challenge I need to read at least one more book from 2015 and from 2016. I have the yellow circled books on my TBR, but if you would like to make a recommendation from any of the 12 listed books, I'd appreciate it.

2024 Key Dates for Women's Prize:

To complete this challenge I hope to finish:
  • One book from the 2015 choices.
  • One book from the 2016 choices.
  • One book from the 2021 choices remaining.
  • Two books from the 2024 shortlist.
    • Total books to meet my personal Women's Prize Challenge= Five books.


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