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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Salon -- Rainy days

The saga of Fred and George and the new quilt: Top left to right: George settling in on the new quilt; Fred taking a turn. Middle: George hiding in new quilt tent; Fred giving quilt rabbit punches. Bottom: A fight for the quilt erupts between brothers-- Fred up, George down; George seriously snoozing.

Rain. Rain. Rain. (Go away, come again some other day.) We've even heard the word S-N-O-W on the news but we aren't holding our breath. We are just glad that the mountains are getting some as the snowpack is very low this year.

Home owner: Our youngest daughter bought a townhouse and took ownership of it on Friday. We spent yesterday in IKEA, with the rest of all the people in the Seattle-area, tromping through the store, selecting new furniture. We came home with boxes of parts for a dresser, a bedside table, and a bookshelf. Today Carly and her dad are up at the townhouse putting together the dresser and maybe more depending on time and temperament. I opted out of the building process, letting them have all the "fun" by themselves. My goodness, a visit to IKEA is a unique kind of ordeal isn't it? I'm recovering from it today. Ha!😂

Cats' Quilt: My younger sister gave me a small quilt for my birthday and said that it was perfect to use as a pet quilt. Place it on a chair or couch and then launder it frequently to deal with pet fur, she said. Well, the quilt is a hit with my daughter's cats, Fred and George. They immediately started sleeping on it, playing tent under it, fighting over it. See collage above. 🤣🤣🤣🤣Thank you, Grace, for the perfect gift, says Fred and George.

All of reviews I wrote for the Cybils Nonfiction books have been published. None of them have generated much traffic, understandably, but I thought I'd leave the links for the books just in case you missed one of the reviews and wanted to check it out!
  • Impossible Escape (YA winner)... escape from Auschwitz 
  • The Mona Lisa Vanishes (MG winner) ... the Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre in 1911.
  • Jumper (Elementary winner); also reviewed on the same post: Glitter Everywhere, and The Ice Cream Man. A backyard spider; glitter; and the man who invented ice cream.
  • Stars of the Night (MG)...Kindertransport from Czech Republic before the start of WWII.
  • Three reviews of elementary books in one post: Meet the Bears; Piece by Piece; and Caterpillar Cocoons... eight types of bears; a gift for FDR; and all about caterpillars.
  • Plague-busters (MG)...all about the history of the world's worst plagues.
  • How It Happened: Sneakers! (MG) ...everything about the invention and evolution of sneakers.
  • Two YA reviews: Nearer My Freedom and Spare Parts... a found-verse account of a freed slave, in his own words; and an unlikely winner of a robotics competition.
  • Two more YA reviews: Braiding Sweetgrass -Young Adult version and Muzoon...Wisdom from Mother Earth and Indigenous people about how to save our world; and a memoir about a Syrian refugee.
  • The Girl Who Heard Music (Elementary)...The story of Mahani Teave who lives on Easter Island and still was able to excel at music and now share this love with others.
  • Seen and Unseen (MG) ... Three famous photographers use their craft to document the Japanese Internment experience.
Book Club extremes: This month my first book club (SOTH Ladies) read possibly the most popular choice we've ever selected: The Huntress by Kate Quinn. My second club is reading The Rabbit Hutch by Tess Gunty and I fear it will be thought of as one of our least popular choices. I like it and think it should generate a good discussion but I've heard rumblings that others don't feel the same. We'll see after our club meeting on Wednesday. My review for the Rabbit Hutch is pending but I hope to have it up sometime early this coming week.

Currently reading:
  • When Women Were Dragons by Barnhill
  • The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway
  • Above Ground: Poems by Smith
On TV:
  • One Day miniseries on Netflix. I've seen the movie. I've read the book. Now I've consumed, in great big gulps, the miniseries. 
  • The Stranger miniseries on Netflix. A murder mystery.
  • The Greatest Night in Pop a documentary about the filming of the "We are the World" song by 46 pop artists in 1985. Don't miss it if you have Netflix.
At the movie theater: We watched all the short documentaries nominated for Academy Awards this year in one two-hour session at the theater. I liked "The Last Repair Shop" best but all were good. Click to view trailer.
One funny:


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