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Friday, September 23, 2022

Random Thoughts #1

Today I am offering everyone an opportunity to join a community of other bloggers in expressing random thoughts, not necessarily related to any one topic.

Simply grab the 'Random Thoughts' meme to use on your blog post, then link back here to add your URL in the comments section so other visitors can find you.

Lastly, visit other bloggers' random thoughts posts and join in conversations to form a community.

Hopefully there will be enough participation to make this a quarterly, maybe even a monthly post. We'll see.

I'll start. Here are some of my random thoughts today:

My random thoughts today:

  1. My husband got a new Microsoft Surface Pro laptop. We were messing around on it and I mentioned I'd like him to look at something on my blog. I typed in the short cut for my blog, Head Full of Books, on Microsoft Edge. Nothing. No hits for my blog at all. I checked several pages of options. None. So I typed my actual URL, https://headfullofbooks.blogspot.com. Still nothing. It wouldn't even navigate to my blog with the actual web address. By now I am freaking out. I eventually was able to get to it through the back door, entering through someone else's blog who had interacted with me. After my husband bookmarked the blog, it allowed us to get in via the front door. Sigh. I wonder how many of my friends haven't been able to find my blog because Microsoft Edge is blocking my blog, hosted by Google, a Microsoft competitor. Maddening.

  2. I keep wondering if and hoping that the polling for the upcoming midterm elections are way off, meaning that Democrats will keep both houses of Congress. I suspect that the Dobbs decision to cancel Roe v. Wade will activate women everywhere making them more likely to vote against conservative politicians who want to limit women's health options.

  3. While I'm at it thinking big thoughts, I keep wondering how anyone can believe that climate change isn't happening with all the fires, droughts, hurricanes, melting icecaps, etc. And while I am at it, why is it that evangelical Christians lead the list of people who have checked their brains at the church doors about scientific topics. I honestly spend a lot of time thinking about these types of topics. Sigh. 

  4. I hope I'm not the only one who does this... I often try to figure out if we could go back in time and change one historical event, which would I change to make the world a healthier/happier place today. Some ideas I keep circling back to: the false notion that “white” people are inherently smarter, more capable, and more human than nonwhite people. This categorization of people became a justification for European colonization and subsequent enslavement of people from Africa; the Holocaust; the Crusades; our reliance on fossil fuels; Manifest Destiny. Clearly I spend a lot of time thinking BIG, random thoughts. What would you change, if you could go back in time?

  5. I've been trying to figure out what is my favorite book read in 2022. Here are a few of the contenders: The Lincoln Highway; The Rose Code; The Sentence; Lessons in Chemistry. Usually the favorite-book-of-the-year makes itself known to me by now. What is your favorite book of the year so far?

  6. FINALLY. Finally. finally. I believe that my reading funk is finally over. I got stuck reading two LONG books this summer that I really didn't like. For some reason I felt compelled to finish them but I would dawdle around postponing reading anything in my efforts to avoid both of them. I finished the last one on Tuesday morning, just hours before the book club session where it was the featured book. Already I feel freed from the bondage of its influence. Yay!

I'd love to hear some of your random thoughts in the comment below. Join in, even if you don't want to blog about them yourself.


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