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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday Salon...Palm Sunday 2021

Don and Bingley on a walk. Mt. Rainier in the background.

Rainy and windy.


Palm Sunday: Church on Zoom leaves a little to be desired when one is used to all the fun of a usual Palm Sunday service with the little kids marching around with palm branches, but our pastor encouraged involvement and most parents filmed their kids waving the branches around inside their house or outside. For the children's sermon, the pastor played this Lego Palm Sunday video. I love it!

Completed Books: I completed three books this week, all poetry books by Mary Oliver. In fact, throughout this post I am including one-line quotes from several of her poems.

Books in progress:
I am working on seven other books! I decided this week to read a little of each one each day, to treat these project books, like a project. Ha! Check my progress in the graphic below. Dune, A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, and A Promised Land are all audiobooks, the last two I'm listening to with my daughter or husband. Progress is so slow that way.

Family: Our dear 6-month grandson finally got some relief from his horrible eczema that was causing so much discomfort. His parents demanded that the doctor give them something prescription strength and almost overnight his rash diminished and he is able to calm down easier. In fact, on Friday while I was babysitting, he took a four-hour nap. Poor little guy can finally relax. While his brother was napping, Ian and I did preschool. We created a yarn cross project given us by church, painted rocks so we will be ready to hide them in the forest the next time we venture in, we hid and found plastic Easter eggs over and over, played several games, and read several books discovering a book, Put Me In the Zoo. That one got read three times. 

Suez Canal-Evergreen Memes:
I know that it isn't funny that a huge container ship is stuck in the Suez Canal, but the memes that others have created about it are hilarious. Here are a few (well, more than a few) of my favorites:





5. You may not be able to read the small print. It says, "A Diversity and Inclusion Workshop" vs Systemic Racism.





9.For Pride and Prejudice fans...

10. And finally from the much maligned Dr. Suez Canal...

Puzzle Cat had no puzzles to work/mess-up this week:



  1. Have you seen the one about the containers being used to make a pyramid like lego blocks? Click here to see it: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158070027771989&set=gm.10159393813544319

  2. I heard this morning that it's finally unstuck. I have enjoyed all the memes, although I shudder to think of what price increases/shortages will ensue from this debacle. Glad that your little guy is feeling better!

    1. The memes were funny. Being stuck wasn't funny. Though I suspect there is a lesson for us in it.

  3. The Suez Canal memes are hilarious! So glad the container ship is finally free.

    1. I saw that the container ship was unstuck. Thank goodness. Now they should re-evaluate how big they will allow such vessels through the canal.

  4. The Suez Canal memes are so funny!

    My daughter suffers from eczema and I'm telling you prescription strength is the way to go!

    1. What was so maddening about the eczema was he has had a rash on his cheeks and neck since he was tiny and every time the doctor wouldn't give them anything to help. Now at 6 months he just couldn't relax. I would hold him and he would arch his back. I was sure he was uncomfortable beyond our understand. Poor little guy.


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