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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

24in48 Social Distancing Readathon

It is a perfect time for another readathon. Join me and others in reading for 24 hours over the course of of the next five days. That is the way I am modifying this event: Starting now until midnight on March 22nd, I hope to read for a total of 24 hours, which averages to a little less than five hours a day.

Let's get started!

First: Sign up here: 24in48 The Social Distancing Edition

Second: List of books you hope to read. Here is my list:
  • All the Songs: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song (At 650+pages I doubt I'll finish. I'm currently on page 40.)
  • I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (Audiobook, I'm midway through the second disc of six. Since I plan on walking the dog everyday of this challenge, I know I can complete this one.)
  • Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting (I am already through 40% of this short book, with less than 100 pages to go.)
  • Lonesome Dove (Another long book, over 850 pages, I just hope to make some good, solid progress on it.)
  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (By the nature of this book, written by Mr. Rogers, it doesn't lend itself to long-reading sessions. I'm currently on page 35. I hope to at least double that page count.)
  • The Testaments (Audiobook. I hope to start and make some progress on this library owned copy before it returns itself automatically.)
  • Others? Who knows what I may be able to get to.
Third: Make a plan for reporting progress
---I will report and update right here on this post every night before going to bed. My report will include:
  • Time spent reading throughout the day
  •  Progress made on books
  • Any funny anecdotes or quotes I want to remember
Easy peasy!

Wednesday progress:
  • 4 hours and ten minutes
  • All the Songs---1 1/2 hours; up to page 110
  • I Am Half-Sick---1 1/2 hours; at the half-way point. the murder just happened
  • Lonesome Dove---15 minutes, up to page 60
  • Nanaville---15 minutes, up to page 79
  • Embraced---10 minutes. This is one of several devotionals I am reading right now.
  • I had to take the dog to see the vet today. He has two scratches on his eye. How did that happen?
Thursday progress:
  • 5 hours and 20 minutes. Two day total: 9 1/2 hours
  • All the Songs---1 hour; up to page 180
  • I Am Half-Sick---3 hours, 40 minutes. Completed the audiobook.
  • Lonesome Dove---30 minutes; up to page 82.
  • Devotional---10 minutes
  • I marked and listened to previews of all the Beatles Songs I didn't recognize by name that I was reading about. I did recognize them all once I heard them.
Friday progress:
  • 4 hours and 47 minutes. Three day total: 14 hours and 17 minutes
  • All the Songs---1 hour; up to page 270
  • Lonesome Dove---45 minutes; up to page 110
  • Devotionals---20 minutes
  • A Beautiful Day---45 minutes; up to page 59, plus a reread of the article "Can You Say...Hero?"
  • The Testaments---1 hour and 52 minutes
  • I listened to the audiobook of The Testaments as I worked a jigsaw puzzle. Later we watched the movie about Mr. Rogers that was the basis for the article,  "Can You Say...Hero?"
Saturday progress:
  • 4 hours and 52 minutes. Four day total: 19 hours and 9 minutes
  • All the Songs---2 hours; up to page 377
  • Devotionals---10 minutes
  • A Beautiful Day---30 minutes
  • Nanaville---30 minutes
  • The Testaments---1 hours and 42 minutes, on the fourth disc
  • We walked the dog to a nearby park and walked the whole exercise circuit. Quote from Nanaville: "There are only two commandments of Nanaville: love the grandchildren and hold your tongue." 
Sunday progress:
  • 5 hours and 35 minutes; total for five days: 24 hours and 48 minutes
  • The Testaments---3 hours and 10 minutes, on the seventh disc
  • A Beautiful Day---15 minutes, got to page 70
  • Nanaville---finished the book after reading for one hour
  • All the Songs--- 1 hour, up to page 410
  • Devotionals---10 minutes 
Wrap up:
  • I finished two books: I'm Half-Sick of Shadows and Nanaville, as I predicted
  • I doubled my pages on A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which was my goal.
  • The Beatles book, All the Songs, is a tome of a book and it sat on my island counter all weekend. I just finished reading about the creation of the songs for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, at page 410.
  • This is the third time I've checked out The Testments from the library and I am so relieved to finally have a good start of it, over half-way. I know it will be finished before it automatically returns in a few days.
  • My one disappointment of the readathon is I didn't really get a good chunk of Lonesome Dove read. It is a LONG book and I was hoping for at least 25% completion but I barely passed 10%. Alas, it kept getting shoved aside by the others.
Join me? 


  1. Sounds fun! I wish I had time to spend reading, but unfortunately, I get to work from home. :)

    1. I am retired but my husband is not. He is working from home but we ignore each other except for lunch and a mid-day walk with the dog, so I can focus on reading.

    2. My parents are retired and love it. I dream of my someday! ;) Have fun reading! I'm still trying to finish Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse, but we had ants in the bathroom tonight so that required some cleaning which ate into my reading time, alas. Otherwise I would have finished it tonight. I'll definitely follow your reading progress through the 22nd!

  2. What a great idea! Happy reading. :D

  3. I like how you spread out the readathon over several days.

    Have you ever read Lonesome Dove? It is a book that converted several nonreaders I know into readers.

    1. Lonesome Dove is my 2020 Reading resolution: I was reading the new issue of Book Page (free from my library) and came upon a page where five of the magazine's editors made their one reading resolution for the year. I decided right then and there to make one, just one, too. And here it is....drum roll, please...LONESOME DOVE. Years ago I binged watched the whole mini-series in one day. Now I will read the whole book in one year!

  4. I'm impressed; I still haven't really read this week. I can't quite focus and work has been CRAZY.

  5. Great job! You accomplished your goal, and that's amazing!

    About Lonesome Dove, if you keep whittling away at it, before you know it, you'll be done. I've never read it myself, but my parents love the miniseries. All of the miniseries. ;)


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