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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Salon, May 7, 2017. THRIVE.

Weather: Sunny. Mild temperatures. The flowers are blooming and the birds singing. Eden!

Thrive: We were made to thrive. The theme of church today was thriving. The scriptures, the music, and the sermon all dealt with the topic. Even during communion we were served bread which was full of nuts and seeds. It spoke to me of abundance and sustenance---not just getting by but thriving. So on that thought today I offer to you some of my thoughts on thriving.

  1. (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

    "the new baby thrived"

Casting Crowns: Thrive, with lyrics. Play while you read the blog and tap your feet as the music moves you.

Retirement: I submitted my retirement letter on Friday. It is official. Next year I will be able to focus on my family and my health. Heck, I may even thrive as a retiree. I hope so.

A reading from the prophet Jeremiah: Thrive! This is God's message to anyone who needs encouragement: 
I'll turn things around for you. I'll compassionately come in and rebuild your lives. The new will be rebuilt in old places; things will be splendid again. Thanksgiving will pour out of our lives; laughter will spill out from the former places of fear. Things will get better and better. Depression days are over. You will thrive, you will flourish.
60 for my 60th: Yesterday I had a wonderful luncheon with two friends, Jill and Nancy. We visited for hours and, though we talked a lot about health, we also talked about the things in our lives which are causing us to thrive: our children, their children, work, retirements, husbands, friendships. Thank you so much for the wonderful afternoon, Jill and Nancy. This 60 for my 60th thing has really been a wonderful way to reconnect with friends.

Fresh 20: Jill made a delicious salad from a recipe she got from a subscription service called Fresh 20. The idea, if I have this right, is to make fresh recipes using at least 20 different ingredients with lots of fruits and veggies each week. I signed up for the free first week to see what I think. I've printed off the shopping list which should really streamline shopping and I am ready to give it a try. If all the foods are half as delicious as the lime chicken and chopped veggie salad, this is going to be good. Stay tuned. I feel healthier just thinking about it.

Books. This week I started reading something like six or seven books. Ridiculous, I know. But time is short and there are so many books I want to read before I leave my library. Here are the ones I completed:

  • Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery", An Authorized Graphic Adaptation by Miles Hyman. Hyman is Jackson's grandson and an artist. He decided to illustrate his grandmother's most famous short story.
  • Dark Sons by Nikki Grimes. With this books I completed my Read All YMA Winners Challenge. The story is about a modern boy relating to the Biblical story of Ishmael when his father left the family. It was really well done and thought-provoking. It is also written in verse.
  • The Brides of Eden: A True Story Reimagined by Linda Crew. I grew up in Corvallis, Oregon where this story about a cult that sprung up in the early 1900s really happened. Crew gave the story shape and characters to root for and against. In all my schooling in Corvallis I never heard about this event that lasted for over three years and took several lives.
Currently reading:
  • Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. A memoir about the life of a female scientist/biologist. I am listening the audiobook on 1.5 speed. It is a little fast but better than the slow pace presented at 1.0. Ha! 70%
  • This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel...a book club selection. E-book. 5%. I haven't read enough to know what the story is about.
  • The Gift, poems by Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky. I am consuming these poems for sustenance as if they are needed for life. Print. 10%
  • Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team by Steve Sheinkin. I have long wanted to read something about Jim Thorpe, a US Olympian. This book is about him but about his participation on the school's football team. It has a lot about football, too. Print. 20%

Cavalcade of Authors West yesterday was a smashing hit. Thanks to all the organizers. My students had a fabulous time.

Don't just survive, THRIVE.
Source: Laced with Grace
New testament encouragement: 

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

This week I hope you and I can both find ways to thrive!


  1. Loved listening to the song while I read your blog :-) The Lottery is such a great short story, I'll bet the graphic novel is powerful.

  2. Glad that you are finding yummy recipes and lots to read! I need to get going on that Frankel book. I have several pleasure books I'm enjoying right now. :)

  3. Congratulations on submitting your retirement letter - here's to better health! And I love Casting Crowns.


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