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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson

I am determined to read a bunch of books this summer that I can recommend to my students in the Fall. Unfortunately, Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson will not get as many recommendations from me as I had hoped. Students often request funny or silly books, just lighthearted fun. Burger Wuss showed up on some list of very funny books that boys like so I was hopeful that it would be a new go-to book for me. I'm afraid, however, that it is starting to show it's age as it was first published in 1999. Though there were a few funny passages, the majority was more satire requiring a whole different subset of humor.

A comedy of romance and revenge, set in a burger restaurant. Anthony has never been able to stand up for himself — that is, not until his girlfriend is in someone else’s arms. Then Anthony vows revenge and devises a Plan. It begins with getting a job at the fast-food restaurant where his nemesis happens to be a star employee. But when the Plan is finally in place, will Anthony’s hunger for revenge be satisfied? Will he prove he’s not a wuss?- M.T.Anderson's blog
Though not a personal favorite, this book did have a lot to offer in which kids could relate:
  • Parents who try too hard to be supportive and understanding, to the point of being obnoxious.
  • Having to bum rides to get places
  • Working at fast food restaurants where the management is less than supportive/helpful.
  • Friends hooking up with other friends which changes relationships all the way around.
  • Girlfriend/boyfriend issues.
I enjoyed reading M.T. Anderson's blog about his own experiences with working at a fast food restaurant as a teenager and other things he was able to tap for material for this book.  I recommend that you hop over to his blog to have a look: Burger Wuss/MT Anderson

30 books this Summer Reading Challenge

6 / 30 books. 20% done!

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