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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sunday Salon...August 16, 2020

Photos from our Oregon vacation: Ian and his Dad sunbathing; Ian in his new floating car; Ian getting a hug on a cold day from Auntie; a hike to Tumalo Falls with masks; A view of Mt. Hood from Timberline Ski Area.

Weather: Hot. This is indoor weather (we have air-conditioning.)

Vacation: We spent a week in Central Oregon with my family earlier this month. The weather was beautiful, if not a little cool on occasion. We wore our masks when we visited other family members and didn't share any meals except when socially distanced and outside. The arrangements were surreal but we did fine and had a lovely time. One good thing about the pandemic is we are getting out and hiking more than in past years. Our hike to Tumalo Falls was so spectacular. We felt lucky to be able to explore the falls with social distancing.

  • Completed:
    • Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. The first book in the Bill Hodges Trilogy, a mystery. Audiobook listened to in the car going and coming from vacation.
    • Finding Yourself in the Kitchen: Kitchen Meditations and Inspired Recipes from a Mindful Cook by Dana Velden. Part of the library haul of twelve books. Print.
    • Blue Iris: Poems and Essays by Mary Oliver. Some days all I can manage to read is a few poems. I'm grateful for these. Print.
    • Ten Poems to Change Your Life Again and Again by Roger Housden. A reread. My soul is fed by poetry. Print.
  • Currently reading:
    • The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. I took a pass on reading this several years ago for book club and have regretted it ever since. Now I am listening to the audiobook. 25% complete.
    • Be the Bridge: Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation by LaTasha Morrison. We are reading this as part of a Zoom class for church. I have enjoyed the group discussions based on the text. E-book. 71% complete. 
    • Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga. Another book from the library haul. This book is written in verse about Syrian refugees. Print. 21% complete.
    • Don't Call Us Dead: Poems by Danez Smith. BLM themed. E-book. 14% complete.
    • Tinkers by Paul Harding. I've been reading this little book for months. I decided to own it so that I might actually finish it. Print. 47% complete.
Good news and other musings:
1. Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's running mate. Yay! A woman and a person of color!!!! Here is why else this is an historic choice. (HuffPost) and (CNN)

1A. Biden and Harris together for the first time as running mates. Don't miss Biden's introduction of his VP choice, followed by Harris' first speech as the soon-to-be Democratic nominee for Vice President. (C-SPAN)

2. Listen to Neil Young's (remember him from the Vietnam War protest era?) updated song for this time: LOOKIN' FOR A LEADER 2020

3. When Trump attacked Biden for his faith, Christians (even some Republicans) responded: (HuffPost) And Biden said:
“My faith teaches me to love my neighbor as I would myself while President Trump only seeks to divide us. My faith teaches me to care for the least among us while President Trump seems to only be concerned about his gilded friends. My faith teaches me to welcome the stranger while President Trump tears families apart. My faith teaches me to walk humbly while President Trump teargassed peaceful protestors so he could walk over to a church for a photo op.”
4. It is very important that we all defend the US Postal Service which is under attack by Trump and his surrogates. Watch this short and upbeat video about the US Postal Service from "People for the American Way": Defend the US Post Office

5. After Trump mispronounced 'Yosemite' when he was talking about the National Parks, a Jewish museum created a T-Shirt with the phrase" "Yo Semite" to match the mispronunciation. So far the museum has made over $30,000 in sales from the t-shirts.
(The Hill)This cracks me up!

6. Another song to listen to, or to play in the background as you read. It is an oldie but a goodie and great reminder: Unless everyone is free no one is really free. Solomon Burke -"None Of Us Are Free"

7. Many previous Trump voters are jumping ship. Join them!
8. The Biden campaign will not put up with the sexist attacks bound to be thrown at Harris, just as other female candidates have endured in the past. The campaign knows more attacks are coming and plans to hit racist/sexist comments head-on.
The posture by Biden’s campaign and women’s groups is meant to be far more aggressive than the way gender attacks were dealt with in 2016, when Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee of a major political party, often tried to downplay or ignore such gibes and was not taken seriously on occasions when her team did point to sexism. It’s also a reflection of the changed environment since then, as women expanded their political power with nationwide marches and the #MeToo movement ushered in fights against sexism in business, the media and politics. (WaPo)
9. 1619 Project weekly assignment reading:
  • Capitalism, by Matthew Desmond [Start on the plantation to understand the brutality of American Capitalism.]
10. Join the efforts to get Biden elected. Don't just sit there. Do something. (Windivisible)

11. The Democratic National Convention starts next Monday, August 17 and runs through August 20. Here is the schedule of who will be speaking each night starting at 6 PM, PDT. (VOX)

12. Living statues in Portland push a satirical response to Trump's actions. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
On the lighter side:

A. Tired of no/few sports programs on TV? Try this: The Marble League. Very fun and creative. Thanks to my daughter for turning us on to to this awesome "sporting" event. (YouTube)

B. Jonathan Swan interviewed Trump for Axios a week ago. It did not go well for Trump. I'm feeling #8 right now. How about you?
 C. I thought this was an appropriate photo description of the year since I just finished reading a King novel and we all know how terrifying they are.

 D. But at least we should lay off the teasing about pumpkin spice latte items...

E. You all know what happens to the guys in red shirts on Star Trek, right?


G.  My daughter shared this funny Sesame Street 2020 calendar. It seems about right to me. I'm trying to not behave in a grouchy manner, but I know I fail at times.

H. Trumped expressed interest in having his head carved into Mt. Rushmore. See F above -- I'm getting plenty of exercise about this. (The Indian Times) (Snopes)



For your enjoyment:

Required cat photo: Fred (top) and George (bottom) are glad their mistress is home from vacation. If we had hearing-vision we could listen to them purring their happiness.

Ian reading to Bingley: Our dog had to have surgery on his leg for a luxating patella (moving kneecap) this week. Our daughter and grandson came over to visit. It was Ian's idea to read to Bingley. He is reading MOO BAA LA LA LA by Sandra Boynton. Doesn't it look like the dog is listening?

I am sorry for how long this post is. I had so much to share and could have shared more! Please leave a comment so I know you have visited. Thank you.


  1. I would love to do more hiking, if I could get John to cooperate. :) He's really into his new power assist bike right now, so I anticipate many bike rides. The photos are wonderful and it sounds like you did the best you could at adapting your family reunion due to C19 concerns. I enjoyed "The Blind Assassin" very much, although I don't remember much about it. A story(mystery?) within a story?

    1. I'm still at the stage with The Blind Assassin that I was at the first time around...confused and not terribly interested. But I trust it will improve.

  2. Glad you had such a great vacation and that all your fur babies were glad to see you.

    I haven't read The Blind Assassin yet, I do have it on the shelf. Maybe I should give it a try. It just appears to be sooooo heavy!! LOL.

    Glad you enjoyed Mr Mercedes, do read the rest of the series too. It's good.

    Hope you will have a wonderful week, here's my The Sunday Post #7

    1. I haven't actually met my daughter's cats yet, but she (and they) are coming for a visit soon. I look forward to meeting the REAL Fred and George.

  3. Look at your wonderful vacation. You managed to have what seems like an impossibility now: (1) time with your loved ones and (2) safe experiences. I love seeing those photos of your vacation. We are tentatively (very tentatively) planning a hiking trip out west for October with my sister and her husband. We'll see what happens.

    Are we expecting too much from people to ask that we approach the virus in as safe a manner as possible? My brother, for example, is still bemoaning masks on Facebook. How do we fight disinformation? This is one of the things I'm thinking about right now.

    Be the Bridge looks like an excellent read for discussion and action. I'm glad to see that we as the church are starting to do more to take action.

    Humor and hope are all that are keeping me afloat. And a little poetry. Thank you for being a light in all this insanity, Anne.

    1. I totally don't get the face mask opposition except to acknowledge that it would likely be a different thing had Trump started with it in the beginning. Sigh. Sorry about your brother. I know you will have a good hiking experience. Usually Don and I set out by ourselves, with our face masks ready to pull up if we pass someone. It seems like others are doing the same. But we live in the Pac NW so not as much opposition to masks.

      Be the Bridge has been a good opportunity to talk about racial issues in a Christian setting. Our small group has grown, too, I think in terms of our understanding and our resolve to do something!

  4. Your summary of the current political situation is wonderful! This is such a crucial election for the preservation of democracy and all that it means to America.

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks. It is my way of expressing my concern rather than just worrying and fuming. I spend all week looking our for something I deem as good news and make my post based on what I find.

  5. Love the family vacation photos. And all of the Biden love. He wasn't my first choice and neither was she but the man in the office is no choice at all so the decision is easy. Stacy well.

  6. Thanks for sharing your hiking adventure, I’m glad you had such a wonderful time.
    I’m not American but I’m excited Harris will be VP, and aghast at the situation with the UPS, I’m kinda surprised Bezos hasn’t offered to buy it yet.

    Wishing you a great reading week

    Wishing you a great reading week

  7. That waterfall is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And that whole red shirts/teachers one totally made me laugh. :D

    1. I know, I chuckle every time I read that Star Trek meme. It is only funny to people who watched the show, though. Otherwise they wouldn't realize that it is always the security guys who die on the episodes.

  8. Never apologize for the length of your Sunday posts! I love every moment of it. That Lincoln Project video is just so good. I am so glad Joe has announced his VP choice and the more I think about it, the better it is. She brings life, vitality and intelligence to the ticket.

    1. I read that Indian Americans are thrilled...a group of people who seem silent in the political news. Someone even posted a photo of Kamala in a sari. I am very happy with the optics. I will be watching every moment of the Democratic convention this coming week.

  9. What a fun-filled post! I especially loved the "Lighter Side" pieces. It's too bad you weren't here in Oregon this week. It's warmed up quite a bit, even over here on the coast. It feels like summer has finally arrived! Have a great week.

    1. It was actually pretty pleasant most of the time, unusual for Central Oregon is August. Usually it is too hot. The day we went to the pool (on a reservation) it was so cold if you weren't almost completely underwater. Poor Ian started shivering.

  10. So fun. Enjoyed the whole read! Call me when up this way. We can do a coffee break or patio wine party. Miss you.

    1. Lovely idea. Usually when I am up your way I am zooming past with grandson in tow. My daughter lives in Elbe now, so I pass through Eatonville on my way to her. But she is having a second baby so I am sure I will be up that way more in the future.

  11. These posts are always such fun to read. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation... some day I will get to see Oregon! And hooray for extra hiking. We're certainly spending a lot more time outdoors these days.

    What did you think of Finding Yourself in the Kitchen? It's not available from my libraries, but sounds interesting. Worth buying the ebook?

    1. I really liked Finding Yourself in the Kitchen. It is a series of small meditations of the theme of food or cooking or time spent in the kitchen and a few simple, wholesome-sounding recipes. It was the right book to read right now.

    2. Thanks, Anne. I'll go ahead and get it. Sounds like one I'd really like, too.

  12. I love your photos! I’ve also been hiking more this year because it’s pretty much the only thing to do around here. Thanks for giving us some good news! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the stressful stuff. I hope your dog feels better soon. Have a good week.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  13. I loved The Blind Assassin, which I read years ago. Time to reread?

    I loved your post, so full of things that made me smile, laugh, and even grit my teeth because of reminders of the horrific man living in the WH. Not for long, I hope!

    I just got my notification of my Vote by Mail ballot coming the first of October, and places to go online to sign up for notification when the ballot has been received and accepted. I was a little worried about all of that, considering the furor in the post office with Trump's crony running things. Now I feel better.

    Enjoy celebrating after election!

  14. Your vacation looks amazing!!! I am glad that you got to spend some time with your family. :)

    I am excited about the Harris pick. I was sort of rooting for Duckworth but Harris is a great choice. And I had not read Biden's response about his faith - it gave me the chills it was so good.

    That Stephen King/Tartantio meme is PERFECT!


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