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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Salon: August 25, 2019

Weather: Right now there are blue skies with nice white, fluffy clouds. Temperature in the low 70s. Earlier today it was overcast all morning.

Peter and Evynne Hollens concert: Yesterday I drove down to Salem, Oregon to attend a concert of Peter and Evynne Hollens, both have healthy YouTube channels where they sing their hearts out. My mom and sister also attended. It was such a fun evening. I have posted Peter's most recent video which is unusual because he is singing with a full choir, but I love the song. Visit their YouTube channels for more wonderful music. (Thanks Kathy for organizing us.)

Lunch with my aunt: On the way down the freeway I joined my mom and sister in Gresham to have lunch with Aunt Barbara, my mother's only sister. She is 95 years old. (My Mom is 90!) It has been over a year since I've seen her and obviously time is ticking, so it was wonderful to spend an afternoon with her.

Ian eating s'mores
The wisdom of Ian: Don't make a habit of it, but eat a s'more once a year (and don't worry if marshmallow gets on your face.) S'mores are fun food and heaven knows we need more fun in our lives these days.

I don't understand how any one can support Trump: This week alone he called himself "The Chosen One" and "The King of Israel". Does he honestly think he is The Messiah? I confess that I spent a bit of time this week reading scriptures about the anti-Christ. He seems to fit that description much better than the second coming of Christ. // In addition this week he said "I hereby order American companies to quit buying products from China." Who does he think he is, a king? A dictator? // Also, he backpedaled on his initial support of gun reform. He was in support of some changes until the president of the NRA called him, now he is against it. Hmm. // Today on Meet the Press it was reported that job gains from 2018 was over-reported by 20%. Double hmm... // Just about everything that Trump does or says embarrasses me. Look at photos of him at the G7 conference. In every photo he is scowling. I guess he doesn't have any world-leader friends except Putin and Kim and those guys aren't at this conference. (Eye-roll!)

Another "reading" issue this week: Last Sunday Salon I complained about getting four books from the library and was afraid I wouldn't have time to finish them before their due dates. Well, I was right and then a new issue popped up. If I check out e-books or e-audiobooks, they automatically return on the due date. This has happened to me several times in the past few months forcing me to get back in line to be able to finish them up. This makes me try to remember where I was, who the characters are, and details about the plot when I get the book again. This is the case of three e-books/audiobooks this week: The Overstory, Astoria, and The Girl in the Spider Web. I've get back to the book months after I began them and I can't remember everything I need to make the reading experience pleasant. You'd think that this retired girl could just read faster to avoid this problem.

Enough whining.

Here is some good news: A photography contest. The winners all make you feel good about being human. Check them out here. 

Have a good week, the last of summer.



  1. Anne, I have a hard copy of Overstory you can borrow.

    1. I'll let you know if I need it if I can't finish this e-book the second time around.

  2. I need to use my library more than I do! It's just so much easier to get the book on Kindle. Retirement has made me lazy!! I love Ian's philosophy. He is adorable!!

    1. Don took that photo and didn't show it to me until this weekend. It was taken earlier this summer at a cabin on a lake on a sunny summer day.

  3. I love using my library, too, but have many of the same frustrations. One thing you can do if you read e-books on a kindle is to put the device in airplane mode... they won't automatically disappear on the due date that way. Of course then you can't add new books either. I haven't found a solution for audiobooks though.

    Don't get me started on Trump... ugh, what a vile man!

  4. That's so cool that you got to see the Hollens' in concert!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  5. Every day I am embarrassed and angry at our current "leader." He is so awful. And why aren't the Republicans around him saying anything? They are just as shameful. Glad to know there are others out there who are as upset as I am.

  6. Love those "kindness" photos. And no, there is no excuse for our so-called leader, or for supporting him. I have the same struggle with library audiobooks, especially since they take so much longer to get through in that format.

    Three cheers to Ian and S'mores!


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