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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Snapshot Saturday: Art in Pasadena

My husband and I just got home from Pasadena, California where we spent New Year's Day at the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl (UO v FSU). As famous as these two events are for Pasadena we discovered that the area is full of fabulous and famous art. We toured both the Norton Simon Museum and The Huntington. These photos don't even begin to explain how awesome the experience seeing these works of art up close.

The Railway by Ă‰douard Manet. On loan from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Vincent Van Gogh, The Mulberry Tree
Don checking out a Picasso.
An original Remington sculpture
Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough
Pinkie by Thomas Lawrence. I always thought Blue Boy and Pinkie were by the same artist until now.
Mary Cassatt, one of my favorite artists
I wept when I saw this, Salisbury Cathedral by John Constable because we had a print of this in our home when we were a young married couple. Where did it go? I must look for it. 
Some art is very big but not so complicated.
And some art just makes us feel humbled
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  1. What a great museum! I had no idea some of those pieces were in Pasadena!

  2. I absolutely adore art museums and there are some wonderful pieces there. I also love Mary Cassatt.

  3. Beautiful photos of some amazing works of art. I can see how visiting those museums added so much to your trip.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  4. What a fabulous collection of art. So glad you got to enjoy both the Rose Bowl and the art museum.

  5. What lovely pieces of art - and what a nice bonus to discover these galleries during your visit. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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