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Monday, October 6, 2014

2015 Mock Printz List Rollout

Here it is: the Bethel School District 2015 Mock Printz reading list---

Our thoughts
Jacqueline Woodson
Autobiography; in verse
6 of 6 starred reviews; Civil Rights
Kwame Alexander
Sports; in verse
8 of 9 starred reviews; for reluctant readers
Paul Fleischman
Environmental issues
Candace Fleming
6 of 6 starred reviews; finally a nonfiction book written for high school level.
Gail Giles
Important topics

Half Bad
Sally Green
High interest and teen appeal

The Islands at the End of the World
Austin Aslan
Science Fiction; Action Adventure
We have a lot of students from Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.
Corrine Duyvis
5 of 6 starred reviews

Cammie McGovern
Realism; Romance
Students living with disabilities

EK Johnston
4 of 8 starred reviews; fun half fantasy/ half realistic
The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
Leslye Walton
Magical Realism
Set in Washington State; local author
Emily Carroll
Horror; graphic fiction
4 of 4 starred reviews; illustrations bold and attractive.
Kate Hattemer
4 of 6 starred reviews; the long poem is an unknown poetic style.
E. Lockhart
5 of 6 starred reviews; unpredictable

100 Sideways Miles
Andrew Smith
5 of 6 starred reviews; on National Book Award Long list;
Mariko TamakiGraphic NovelComing-of-age; 6 of 8 starred reviews
 Jandy Nelson
Realistic/magical realism
Added to the list: Dec. 1, 2014.
3 of 5 starred reviews
Glory O’Brien’s History of Future
A.S. King
3 of 3 starred reviews
Isabel Quintero
Themes: Latino culture; LGBT; Substance abuse. 3 of 4 starred reviews
Meg Wolitzer
Theme: death and dying. 3 of 4 starred reviews

What do you think of our list? Do you think we left off some YA books published in 2014 that should be on our list?

Here we go...

Books with strike-through fonts have been removed from the original list.


  1. Great list! I have read This One Summer and listened to Belzhar on audio.

    This One Summer blew me away - my first-ever teen/YA graphic novel (previously, I'd mostly read MG ones) - so much emotional depth and great job dealing with adolescent and family issues. Here's my review:


    I just recently finished Belzhar on audio so no review yet but I loved it! There's a supernatural element, but it deals with very real emotions and problems. I think teens will love it, too.

    Have fun with the process!


    1. Oh no. Now what do we do? We had just about decided to leave THIS ONE SUMMER off our list and then this comment about how wonderful you think the book is. Oh dear. I'm thinking I'd better go back re-represent it to the team. Thanks for your help.


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