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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cybils Announced last week

CYBILS: Children and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards

The 2012 Cybils Awards were announced on February 16th. In the teen categories the winners were:

Young Adult Fiction:
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews.

My Mock Printz team of students will be delighted to hear that one of their favorite books of the year won this award. I really like this book and it's use of a variety of formats. Here is my original review. And this is what the committee had to say about it:

"With sharply-drawn characters,  dialogue so real you expect to hear it in the school hallway, and a mix of formats that keep the story moving, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a book that will make readers laugh out loud even as they sympathize with Greg's bumpy journey into adulthood." -Cybils Committee

YA Fantasy and Science Fiction:

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Another Mock Printz favorite and one of my 2012 Top Ten, I adore this fantasy novel by debut author Rachel Hartman. Take a look at my gushing review here. Apparently the Cybils review committee felt the same...

"Seraphina is a genre-blending fantasy that dazzled us all. Dragons, a murder mystery, family secrets, and a love story--there is something here for everyone, even those who aren't regular high fantasy readers. We were hooked by the mystery and intrigue of dragons and conspiracies as well as the fascinating and intricate world building. Seraphina is a complex and appealing heroine. She's fiery and vulnerable and gifted and brave. Her love of music is a refreshing thread throughout the story as is a fairly surprising mystery. Seraphina's transformation throughout the novel was inspiring and wonderful to follow. With beautiful writing and tight pacing, Seraphina kept us turning the pages, eager to follow the heroine and learn more about the strong ensemble cast. We're sure readers will find a lot to love in this highly original dragon story"-Cybils Committee

YA Nonfiction:

Bomb: the Race to Build-and Steal- the World's Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve Sheinkin

A concise and fascinating look at the race to build the atom bomb. It includes information about the key players in the bomb development and back stories of both heroes in Europe who stood in the way of the Nazis getting the bomb first, and spies here in America that were helping the Soviet Union to develop theirs faster. It is very readable. This is my review.

"A first-rate page turner that has impeccable research and is sure to interest both MG and YA readers, Bomb is the perfect example of how nonfiction can be everything fiction is--and more." -Cybils Committee

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  1. Not a surprise that these books are cropping up again. I still need to read Me, Earl and the Dying Girl!


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